Calling all astronomers and space scientists!


Frontiers for Young Minds wants you to remember what it was like when you first fell in love with space as a kid – and consider writing about your current research for the next generation of young readers!

Frontiers for Young Minds articles are written by experts and reviewed by young readers for their own peers. Are you up for the challenge?

Can you take your most recent publications – or one of the key concepts for your particular area of expertise – and explain it to kids or teens in under 2000 words?

Are you ready to face the feedback from the team of 8-15-year-olds acting as your reviewers?

Our young readers are itching to learn more about nebulae, the surface of Mars, how we measure things light-years away, black holes, Earth-like exoplanets, mysteries under the ice of Europa, the behavior of their own galaxy, space instrumentation, and so much more. To make that possible we need experts to share their excitement – and their findings – in articles of their own.

If you might be interested in sharing your work with young readers, please contact us at We would be more than happy to discuss any ideas that you might have about research that would be interesting or important to the next generation of young minds.

Articles are free to publish and free to read. You can find examples of other Young Minds articles here and information about writing an article of your own here. Be sure to look at our handy how-to on How to Write a Young Minds Article as well as the Author Guidelines.

We look forward to hearing from you!

– Your Frontiers for Young Minds team

1 Comment on Calling all astronomers and space scientists!

  1. I liked astronomy enormously. My grandfather gave me a monocle present to follow the stars at night. It’s absolutely gorgeous!


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