Horizon Scan 2018: Emerging Issues in Marine Science


Frontiers in Marine Science is proud to launch the second edition of our annual Research Topic: Horizon Scan 2018: Emerging Issues in Marine Science.

This Research Topic publishes invited review articles, and awards the authors with a free publication to showcase the latest and most important research in marine science at the beginning of each year. Follow this link to catch up on the latest review articles published as part of this year’s Horizon Scan 2017 Research Topic!

Each of the invited articles will be selected by the Specialty Chief Editors from all twenty-one specialty sections of the journal based on its quality and topicality. If you would like to be considered for selection, please send the title and abstract of your review article to marinescience@frontiersin.org. Submissions will be open from September 30th until October 31st, 2017.

Frontiers in Marine Science is the most comprehensive and largest open-access marine science journal with an editorial board of 2,538 editors, and over 900 submitted and 700 published manuscripts.

Click here to review our manuscript guidelines and other information for authors and here to find out more about our interactive and transparent peer review process. Do not hesitate to contact the editorial office (marinescience@frontiersin.org) for more information. We are always happy to help and look forward to hearing from you!

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