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Frontiers eBooks published in August 2017

Below is a list of Frontiers eBooks published in August 2017. All Frontiers eBooks are free to download, share and distribute.


Attachment is a biologically emotion regulation based system guiding cognitive and emotional processes.

Neuroscience of Human Attachment, Hosted by Anna Buchheim, Carol George, Harald Gündel and Roberto Viviani

Smelly Fumes: Volatile-Mediated Communication between Bacteria and Other Organisms, Hosted by Laure Weisskopf, Choong-Min Ryu, Jos M. Raaijmakers and Paolina Garbeva

The CB2 Cannabinoid System: A New Strategy in Neurodegenerative Disorder and Neuroinflammation, Hosted by Marialessandra Contino, Elena Capparelli, Nicola A. Colabufo and Ashley I. Bush

Bridging the Theories of Affordances and Limb Apraxia, Hosted by Antonello Pellicano, Anna M. Borghi and Ferdinand Binkofski

Impact of Diet on Learning, Memory and Cognition, Hosted by Amy Claire Reichelt, Margaret J. Morris and R. Fred Westbrook

People – Marine Mammal Interactions, Hosted by Andrew Butterworth and Mark P. Simmonds

Photosystem II (PS II) catalyses the light-driven splitting of water at the start of the photosynthetic electron transport chain.

Assembly of the Photosystem II Membrane-Protein Complex of Oxygenic Photosynthesis, Hosted by Julian J. Eaton-Rye, Roman SobotkaJulian J. Eaton-Rye and Roman Sobotka

Mitochondria: Hubs of Cellular Signaling, Energetics and Redox Balance, Hosted by Miguel A. Aon and Amadou K. S. Camara

Genomic Approaches for Improvement of Understudied Grasses, Hosted by Keenan Amundsen, Gautam Sarath and Teresa Donze-Reiner

Advances in Emotion Regulation: From Neuroscience to Psychotherapy, Hosted by Alessandro Grecucci, Remo Job and Jon J. Frederickson

Roots – The Hidden Provider, Hosted by Janin Riedelsberger and Michael R. Blatt

Physiological Adaptations to Swimming in Fish, Hosted by Josep V. Planas, Arjan P. Palstra and Leonardo J. Magnoni

There is a community of microbes associated with all parts of the plant, and the root associated community is particularly large.

Signaling in the Phytomicrobiome, Hosted by Donald L. Smith, Valerie Gravel and Etienne Yergeau

Viral Interactions with the Nucleus, Hosted by Erin Joanne Walker and Reena Ghildyal

Drug Development for Parasite-Induced Diarrheal Diseases, Hosted by Anjan Debnath and James H. McKerrow

Methodological Quality of Interventions in Psychology, Hosted by Salvador Chacón-Moscoso, Susana Sanduvete-Chaves and Jason C. Immekus

Computational and Experimental Approaches in Multi-Target Pharmacology, Hosted by Thomas J. Anastasio

The Metabolic-Inflammatory Axis in Brain Aging and Neurodegeneration, Hosted by Fei Yin, Jia Yao, Roberta Diaz Brinton and Enrique Cadenas


Understanding Crohn’s Disease: Immunity, Genes and Microbes, Hosted by Amélia Sarmento, Fernando Magro and Nair Campos

Bone Marrow Adipose Tissue: Formation, Function, and Impact on Health and Disease, Hosted by William P. Cawthorn and Erica L. Scheller

Principles of Hip Arthroscopy, Hosted by Shane J. Nho, Joshua D. Harris and Jaimo Ahn

Mental Imagery in Clinical Disorders, Hosted by David G. Pearson and Julie Krans

Second Line Treatment of Non-Small Cell Lung Cancer: Clinical, Pathological and Molecular Aspects of Novel Promising Drugs, Hosted by Umberto Malapelle and Pierlorenzo Pallante

Ventricular Mechanics in Congenital Heart Disease, Hosted by Giovanni Biglino and Adelaide de Vecchi

Autism Spectrum Disorders: Developmental Trajectories, Neurobiological Basis, Treatment Update, Hosted by Roberto Canitano and Yuri Bozzi

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