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Frontiers eBooks published in September 2017

Below is a list of Frontiers eBooks published in September 2017. All Frontiers eBooks are free to download, share and distribute.


Tropical Forest Ecosystem Responses to Increasing Nutrient Availability, Hosted by Jurgen Homeier, Selene Baez, Dietrich Hertel and Christoph Leuschner

Phage Therapy: Past, Present and Future, Hosted by Stephen T. Abedon, Pilar García, Peter Mullany and Rustam Aminov

Infants’ Understanding and Production of Goal-Directed Actions in the Context of Social and Object-Related Interactions, Hosted by Daniela Corbetta and Jacqueline Fagard

Petroleum Microbial Biotechnology: Challenges and Prospects, Hosted by Wael A. Ismail, Jonathan D. Van Hamme, John J. Kilbane and Ji-Dong Gu

Bird song, traditionally regarded as primarily a male trait, is in fact widespread among female songbirds.

Fitness Costs and Benefits of Female Song, Hosted by Michelle L. Hall and Naomi E. Langmore

The Role of Play in Child Assessment and Intervention, Hosted by Silvia Salcuni, Claudia Mazzeschi and Claudia Capella

The Role of Primary Motor Cortex as a Marker for and Modulator of Pain Control and Emotional-Affective Processing, Hosted by Jorge Leite, Sandra Carvalho, Linamara R. Battistella, Wolnei Caumo and Felipe Fregni

Plants, Stress & Proteins, Hosted by Dipanjana Ghosh, Qingsong Lin, Jian Xu and Hanjo A. Hellmann

Mental State Understanding: Individual Differences in Typical and Atypical Development, Hosted by Daniela Bulgarelli, Anne Henning and Paola Molina

Plant Immunity against Viruses, Hosted by Yule Liu, Feng Li and Jian-Zhong Liu

How Do Emotions and Feelings Regulate Physical Activity? Hosted by Darko Jekauc and Ralf Brand

Molecular and Metabolic Mechanisms Associated with Fleshy Fruit Quality, Hosted by Ana M. Fortes, Antonio Granell, Mario Pezzotti andMondher Bouzayen

Biological Engagement Programs: Reducing Threats and Strengthening Global Health Security Through Scientific Collaboration, Hosted by Jeanne M. Fair, Hillary H. Carter and Nathan Wolfe

Mechanisms Underpinning the Link between Emotion, Physical Health and Longevity, Hosted by Andrew H. Kemp


Work-Life Balance: Essential or Ephemeral? Hosted by Andreas Schwingshackl, Stephania A. Cormier and Kanwaljeet J. S. Anand

Aurora Kinases: Classical Mitotic Roles, Non-canonical Functions and Translational Views, Hosted by Ignacio Perez de Castro, Mar Carmena, Claude Prigent and David M. Glover

Eyeblink Conditioning in Psychiatric Conditions – State of the Field and Future Directions, Hosted by Tracy L. Greer and Lucien T. Thompson

Foot-and-Mouth Disease in Swine, Hosted by Andres M. Perez and Preben Willeberg

With the discovery of additional genes associated with human cardiac diseases, the analysis of large datasets of genetic information uncovered a much more complex landscape.

Current Challenges in Cardiovascular Molecular Diagnostics, Hosted by Matteo Vatta, Valeria Novelli, Luisa Mestroni, Jeffrey A. Towbin, Carlo Napolitano and Guia Guffanti

Circadian Rhythms and Metabolism, Hosted by Etienne Challet and Andries Kalsbeek

Danger Signals Triggering Immune Response and Inflammation, Hosted by Abdulraouf Ramadan, Walter G. Land and Sophie Paczesny

Immunomodulatory Effects of Drugs for Treatment of Immune-Related Diseases, Hosted by Azzam A. Maghazachi


Fiber tracking using Diffusion Tensor Imaging on a Large Data Set

Mapping Management and Processing of Images for Population Imaging, Hosted by Michel Dojat, Wiro Niessen and David N. Kennedy

Evaluation of Building Resilience under Earthquake Input Using Single, Double and Multiple Impulses, Hosted by Izuru Takewaki

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