Frontiers in Materials welcomes Professor Nicola Pugno as its new Field Chief Editor

Frontiers in Materials is delighted to announce Professor Nicola Pugno as its new Field Chief Editor. Professor Pugno will lead our international Editorial Board of experts and oversee the strategic development of our Journal, taking it from one strength to the next.

Professor Nicola Pugno, Field Chief Editor of Frontiers in Materials

Nicola Pugno, Field Chief Editor of Frontiers in Materials

Professor Pugno is a Professor of Solid and Structural Mechanics at the University of Trento, a Professor of Materials Science at the Queen Mary University of London and a member of the Scientific and Technical Committee of the Italian Space Agency. He has been internationally recognized for his outstanding work in the areas of nanomechanics and smart materials, and was recently awarded the prestigious IOM3’s Griffith Medal & Prize.

Professor Pugno has extensively innovated the field of materials science and has pioneered works on carbon nanotubes, graphene, bio-inspired materials, such as gecko-inspired super adhesive surfaces, lotus leaf-inspired super-hydrophobicity and self-cleaning surfaces, limpet teeth-inspired super-strong materials, spider silk-inspired super-tough materials and bone-inspired self-healing materials. Through his broad expertise and leadership, Professor Pugno will drive our Journal’s mission to be at the forefront of materials science, while stimulating the development of pioneering multi-disciplinary research.

As a Field Chief Editor, Professor Pugno’s vision is to provide a forum for materials research to be more widely visible and accessible via the means of open-access and he strives to make Frontiers in Materials the go-to research resource for materials scientists.

We look forward to working with Professor Pugno towards an even more exciting and dynamic future for Frontiers in Materials.

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