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New section in Frontiers in Ecology and Evolution: Coevolution

Coevolution: New section in Frontiers in Ecology and Evolution

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Frontiers in Ecology and Evolution is delighted to announce the launch of a new specialty section on Coevolution.

The section is led by Prof. Monica Medina from Pennsylvania State University and Prof. Elizabeth Arnold from the University of Arizona.

“Coevolutionary processes are fundamental to the form and function of all life on earth,” explain Professors Medina and Arnold. “This new section will draw on multiple disciplines to unravel the evolutionary trajectories of organisms in response to one another.”

The Coevolution section provides a unique platform to address the processes, mechanisms, importance, and outcomes of coevolution in the broad sense, speaking to the wide range of dynamics encompassed by coevolutionary biology.

By drawing on concepts and insights from ecology, phylogenetic biology, systematics, cell and developmental biology, genomics, informatics and related disciplines, it will publish papers that report rigorous empirical or theoretical studies that focus on coevolution, including the evolution of symbiosis, host-parasite interactions, mutualism, co-speciation, and the co-evolutionary dynamics of mating systems, communication, diffuse coevolution, and molecular responses to organismal interactions.

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