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Frontiers eBooks published in December 2017

Below is a list of Frontiers eBooks published in December 2017. All Frontiers eBooks are free to download, share and distribute.


Laypeople think of wake, sleep and dreaming as distinct states of the mind/brain but “in-between”, hybrid states are recognized.

Do Both Psychopathology and Creativity Result from a Labile Wake-Sleep-Dream Cycle?, Hosted by Sue Llewellyn and Martin Desseilles

Ethylene: A Key Regulatory Molecule in Plants, Hosted by Nafees A. Khan, M. Iqbal R. Khan, Antonio Ferrante and Peter Poor

Molecular Chaperones and Neurodegeneration, Hosted by Cintia Roodveldt, Tiago F. Outeiro and Janice E. Braun

Plastid Proteostasis: Relevance of Transcription, Translation and Post-Translational Modifications, Hosted by Fiammetta Alagna, Michele Bellucci, Dario Leister and Andrea Pompa

Microenvironment-Derived Stem Cell Plasticity, Hosted by Jelena Krstic, Marietta Herrmann, Ivana Gadjanski and Slavko Mojsilovic

An integrated view on personality recognizes both stability in between-person differences and within-person change.

Dynamic Personality Science. Integrating Between-Person Stability and Within-Person Change, Hosted by Nadin Beckmann and Robert E. Wood

Understanding the Successful Coordination of Team Behavior, Hosted by Silvan Steiner, Roland Seiler and Nancy J. Cooke

Role of Silicon in Plants, Hosted by Rupesh K. Deshmukh, Jian Feng Ma and Richard R. Belanger

A Multidisciplinary Look at Stenotrophomonas maltophilia: An Emerging Multi-Drug-Resistant Global Opportunistic Pathogen, Hosted by Joanna S. Brooke, Giovanni Di Bonaventura, Gabriele Berg and Jose-Luis Martinez

The Impact of Sensory, Linguistic and Social Deprivation on Cognition, Hosted by Matthew Dye and Olivier Pascalis, Hosted by Matthew Dye and Olivier Pascalis

The Physiological Functions of the Amyloid Precursor Protein Gene Family, Hosted by Ulrike C. Muller and Thomas Deller

Plant Responses to Biotic and Abiotic Stresses: Lessons from Cell Signaling, Hosted by Sylvain Jeandroz and OIivier Lamotte

Trauma, Psychosis and Posttraumatic Stress Disorder, Hosted by Kate V. Hardy and Kim T. Mueser

Diversity and Universality in Causal Cognition, Hosted by Sieghard Beller, Andrea Bender and Michael R. Waldmann

Mycoplasma pneumoniae Clinical Manifestations, Microbiology, and Immunology, Hosted by Ran Nir-Paz, Takeshi Saraya, Takashi Shimizu, Annemarie Van Rossum and Cecile Bebear


Inflammation in the CNS: Advancing the Field Using Intravital Imaging, Hosted by Saparna Pai, Michael J. Hickey and Wolfgang Weninger

Oral health disparities are profound worldwide, and they affect the quality of life of individuals of all age groups.

Reducing Oral Health Disparities: What Can We Learn from Social, Environmental and Cultural Factors?, Hosted by Tamanna Tiwari, Sarah R. Baker and Judith Albino

Alternatives to Antimicrobial Growth Promoters and Their Impact in Gut Microbiota, Health and Disease, Hosted by Guillermo Tellez and Juan D. Latorre

Continuous Quality Improvement – Advancing Understanding of Design, Application, Impact and Evaluation of CQI Approaches, Hosted by Ross Bailie, Sarah Larkins and Edward Broughton

Neuroimmune Interface in Health and Diseases, Hosted by Ihssane Zouikr, Sanae Hasegawa-Ishii and Atsuyoshi Shimada

NETosis 2: The Excitement Continues, Hosted by Mariana J. Kaplan, Marko Radic and Martin Herrmann

Cross Talk between Lymph Node Lymphatic Endothelial Cells and T Cells in Inflammation and Cancer, Hosted by Sonia Elhadad and Silvia Della Bella

Transplant Rejection and Tolerance: Advancing the Field through Integration of Computational and Experimental Investigations, Hosted by Giorgio Raimondi, Kathryn J. Wood, Alan S. Perelson and Julia C. Arciero


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