Empowering teachers to secure our future: introducing Teacher Education, a new section in Frontiers in Education

Teacher Education: New section in Frontiers in Education will address teacher engagement, education policy and models of professional development for teachers.

Teacher Education New Section Frontiers in Education

In our recent article ‘Looking at the bigger picture with STEM Education’, we looked into the importance of Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics fields in education. But what role do teachers play in helping children reach their potential? How do we enable teachers to pass on to children the tools of success?

Across the world, leaders, educators, and communities recognize the value of having a strong teaching force. The need for children and young people to meet their potential is central if governments and countries are to thrive. An educated and productive citizenry is vital to securing everyone’s future across the globe. Teachers and teacher educators are central in this challenge. – Dr. Stefinee Pinnegar. Dr. Ramona Cutri

Teacher Education is a new section in Frontiers in Education, and will address these issues and many more, including teacher engagement, education policy, models of professional development for teachers and the responsible creation and delivery of online teacher education.

frontiers-in-education-new-section-teacher-educationSpecialty Chief Editors Assoc. Professors Stefinee Pinnegar and Ramona Cutri both of Brigham Young University will lead this section, intending to establish the section as a moral authority in the research conversation in teacher education.

The section will provide a dedicated space for teacher educators to access and publish information that discusses not only the policies that form and shape their everyday practices but their dilemmas and challenges, such as teacher retention and burn out.

Drs. Pinnegar and Cutri explained that they seek to increase the quality of the discourse concerning research in teacher education and the opportunity for publication for those doing research in this area. They want to create an open access format to engage more directly with not just academics but all stakeholders in the educational process.

We are profoundly aware of the fact that  the ways in which people consume information is expanding at a staggering rate. Open access journals move in the direction of helping academia get out of the “ivory tower”. It is vital that open access journals maintain the rigor of peer reviewed information dissemination and teacher educators should be at the center rather than the periphery of such efforts.   – Dr. Stefinee Pinnegar. Dr. Ramona Cutri

The Associate Editors for Teacher Education are:

Dr. Elaine Chan, University of Nebraska-Lincoln, USA

Dr. Cheryl Craig, Texas A&M University, USA

Dr. Gary Harfitt, University of Hong Kong, Hong Kong

Dr. Jukka Husu, University of Turku, Finland

Dr. Teresa Leavitt, Brigham Young University, USA

Dr. Janet Losser, Brigham Young University, USA

Dr. Alan Ovens, University of Auckland, New Zealand

Dr. Luiz Sanches Neto, Federal University of Ceará, Brazil

Dr. Tara Ratnam, Independent Researcher

Dr. Darlene Ciuffetelli-Parker, Brock University, Canada

Teacher Education is now ready to welcome high-quality submissions and Research Topic proposals.

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