Frontiers eBooks published in January 2018

Frontiers eBooks published in January 2018. All Frontiers eBooks are free to download, share and distribute.

Below is a list of Frontiers eBooks published in January 2018. All Frontiers eBooks are free to download, share and distribute.


Modeling the Plankton–Enhancing the Integration of Biological Knowledge and Mechanistic Understanding, Hosted by Christian Lindemann, Dag L. Aksnes, Kevin J. Flynn and Susanne Menden-Deuer

Brain-Mind-Body Practice and Health

It is acknowledged that practice could induce rapid change or reorganization of the brain’s cellular or neural networks as well as behaviors.

Brain-Mind-Body Practice and Health, Hosted by Gao-Xia Wei, Gangyan Si and Yi-Yuan Tang

Salinity Tolerance in Plants: Mechanisms and Regulation of Ion Transport, Hosted by Vadim Volkov and Mary J. Beilby

Novel Therapeutic Targets and Emerging Treatments for Fibrosis, Hosted by Chrishan S. Samuel and Timothy D. Hewitson

The Clinical and Ethical Practice of Neuromodulation – Deep Brain Stimulation and Beyond, Hosted by Markus Christen and Sabine Muller

Social Cognition, Motivation, and Interaction: How Do People Respond to Threats in Social Interactions? Hosted by Eva Jonas and Christina Muhlberger

Organic Ligands in Marine Trace Metal Biogeochemistry in the ocean, Hosted by Kristen N. Buck, Maeve C. Lohan, Sylvia G. Sander, Christel Hassler and Ivanka Pizeta

Biology of Brain Disorders, Hosted by Daniela Tropea and Andrew Harkin

Epigenetic Modifications Associated with Abiotic and Biotic Stresses in Plants: An Implication for Understanding Plant Evolution, Hosted by Mahmoud W. Yaish, Heribert Hirt and Barbara Hohn

Mental Health Challenges in Elite Sport: Balancing Risk with Reward, Hosted by Tadhg Eoghan MacIntyre, Judy Van Raalte, Britton W. Brewer, Marc Jones, Deirdre O’Shea and Paul Joseph McCarthy

Role of Protein-Protein Interactions in Metabolism: Genetics, Structure, Function, Hosted by Amit V. Pandey, Colin J. Henderson, Yuji Ishii, Michel Kranendonk, Wayne L. Backes and Ulrich M. Zanger

Mobile Genetic Elements in Cellular Differentiation, Genome Stability, and Cancer, Hosted by Tammy A. Morrish and Jose Luis Garcia Perez

Peripheral Nervous System-Machine Interfaces, Hosted by Michael Wininger, Panagiotis Artemiadis, Claudio Castellini and Patrick Pilarski

advances research age workplace retirement

Shifts in the age composition of the workforce coupled with dynamic definitions of retirement represent important issues that influence work processes.

Advances in Research on Age in the Workplace and Retirement, Hosted by Cort W. Rudolph, Hannes Zacher and Susanne Scheibe

Genetics of Acquired Antimicrobial Resistance in Animal and Zoonotic Pathogens, Hosted by Axel Cloeckaert, Michel Stanislas Zygmunt and Benoit Doublet

The Pathogenetic Mechanisms at the Basis of Aortopathy Associated with Bicuspid Aortic Valve: Insights from “Omics”, Models of Disease and Emergent Technologies, Hosted by Amalia Forte and Alessandro Della Corte

The Cognition of Sequences, Hosted by Snehlata Jaswal


Regulation of Inflammation, Its Resolution and Therapeutic Targeting, Hosted by Mariagrazia Uguccioni, Mauro Martins Teixeira, Massimo Locati and Alberto Mantovani

Immunobiotics: Interactions of Beneficial Microbes with the Immune System, Hosted by Julio Villena and Haruki Kitazawa

Modeling Disease Spread and Control, Hosted by Tariq Halasa and Salome Durr

Allorecognition by Leukocytes of the Adaptive Immune System, Hosted by Gilles Benichou and James Kim

International Perspectives on Health and Safety among Dairy Workers: Challenges, Solutions and the Future, Hosted by Martina Jakob and John Rosecrance

charged particles oncology

High-energy charged particles represent a cutting-edge technique in radiation oncology.

Charged Particles in Oncology, Hosted by Marco Durante, Francis A. Cucinotta and Jay S. Loeffler

On the Origin and Function of Human NK-like CD8+ T Cells: Charting New Territories, Hosted by Fernando A. Arosa

Update on the Treatment of Metastatic Non-small Cell Lung Cancer (NSCLC) in New Era of Personalised Medicine, Hosted by Vera Hirsh and Barbara Melosky

The Trigemino-Cardiac Reflex: Beyond the Diving Reflex, Hosted by Bernhard Schaller and Tumul Chowdhury

The Neonatal Immune System: A Unique Host-Microbial Interface, Hosted by Joseph M. Bliss and James L. Wynn


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