Frontiers for Young Minds has new look and feel

Our dedicated Frontiers for Young Minds team has been working hard to revamp the website for our growing community.

ym_new-website7-e1520423234627.pngOur dedicated Frontiers for Young Minds team has been working hard to revamp the website for our growing community. Discover new illustrations while finding all our science articles and educational resources in a fun, open, and accessible way!

— By Hedwig Ens

Launched in 2013 upon a shared initiative with Robert Knight, Frontiers for Young Minds has grown from an inspiring idea with a few articles about the brain, into a broad scope and unique academic journal reviewed by children and teenagers. We now celebrate another important achievement: a brand new and engaging website that reflects our refreshing and modern approach to science outreach.

Here you can easily find everything you need for using Frontiers for Young Minds as an educational outreach resource and explore all of our articles: over 150 of them explaining important subjects on neuroscience, astronomy, health, biodiversity, mathematics, and the earth and its resources. We want to thank the 400 authors who took the challenge to make their science open and, more importantly, comprehensible to our audience.

We couldn’t have pursued this endeavor of making cutting-edge science understandable for all without the dedication of our editorial board. Our 250 Editors and Science Mentors have worked together with almost 1,000 Young Minds to provide the authors with constructive feedback on the readability of their manuscripts.

In every review, our Young Minds are introduced to the world of a scientist, they get to know how the scientific process and peer-review function (science and academic publishing are a collaborative effort!), and most remarkably: they are encouraged to act as the experts that they are. By asking and answering questions, they are empowered to be the scientists of the future.

We are very proud and grateful for all the milestones that Frontiers for Young Minds has reached, and the re-branding of our website is the next one we are celebrating. Discover our new look and feel through our illustrations, explore who our scientists are, read our articles, and find educational outreach resources to engage students in the classroom!

Are you a scientist and up for the challenge of making your science accessible to young readers? Can you explain what you do in a (mostly) jargon-free manner, while still conveying the original meaning of your work? See our author guidelines or contact for additional information and to find out how to get started!

Frontiers for Young Minds is supported by the Frontiers Research Foundation, the Jacobs Foundation of Zurich, and the Patrick & Lina Drahi Foundation.

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