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While surgery provides patients with a better life style related to their physical health, much progress is still needed to improve the neurodevelopment outcomes and psychological health of these patients.

Patient Engagement in Health and Well-being: Theoretical and Empirical Perspectives in Patient Centered Medicine, Hosted by Guendalina Graffigna and Elena Vegni

About the Foodborne Pathogen Campylobacter, Hosted by Odile Tresse, Avelino Alvarez-Ordonez and Ian F. Connerton

Artificial Neural Networks as Models of Neural Information Processing, Hosted by Marcel van Gerven and Sander Bohte

Plants’ Responses to Novel Environmental Pressures, Hosted by Alessio Fini, Massimiliano Tattini and Raquel Esteban

Evolution of Gene Regulatory Networks in Plant Development, Hosted by Federico Valverde, Andrew Groover and Jose M. Romero

Psychosocial Job Dimensions and Distress/Well-Being: Issues and Challenges in Occupational Health Psychology, Hosted by Renato Pisanti, Anthony J. Montgomery and James Campbell Quick

Molecular Organization of Membranes: Where Biology Meets Biophysics, Hosted by Marek Cebecauer and David Holowka

From Consumer Experience to Affective Loyalty: Challenges and Prospects in the Psychology of Consumer Behavior 3.0, Hosted by Maria Pilar Martinez-Ruiz, Monica Gomez-Suarez, Ana Isabel Jimenez-Zarco and Alicia Izquierdo-Yusta

Relevance of Translational Regulation on Plant Growth and Environmental Responses, Hosted by Alejandro Ferrando, M. Mar Castellano, Purificacion Lison, Dario Leister, Anna N. Stepanova and Johannes Hanson

Can’t Get You Out of My Head: Brain-Body Interactions in Perseverative Cognition, Hosted by Cristina Ottaviani, Julian F. Thayer, Bart Verkuil, Hugo D. Critchley and Jos F. Brosschot

Fluency and Reading Comprehension in Typical Readers and Dyslexics Readers, Hosted by Simone A. Capellini and Giseli D. Germano

Brain Networks in Aging: Reorganization and Modulation by Interventions, Hosted by Junfeng Sun and Chunbo Li

A large body of research has been conducted to unravel the pro and cons of cocoa in relation to human health.

Touch Screen Tablets Touching Children’s Lives, Hosted by Joanne Tarasuik, Gabrielle Strouse and Jordy Kaufman

Macrocognition: The Science and Engineering of Sociotechnical Work Systems, Hosted by Paul Ward, Robert R. Hoffman, Gareth E. Conway, Jan Maarten Schraagen, David Peebles, Robert J. B. Hutton and Erich J. Petushek

Processing Across Languages, Hosted by Shelia Kennison

Dynamics of Joint-Action, Social Coordination and Multi-Agent Activity, Hosted by Michael J. Richardson, Richard C. Schmidt, Rick Dale, Rachel W. Kallen and Joanna Raczaszek-Leonardi

Applications of Quantum Mechanical Techniques to Areas Outside of Quantum Mechanics, Hosted by Emmanuel Haven and Andrei Khrennikov

Ubiquitin and Ubiquitin-Relative SUMO in DNA Damage Response, Hosted by Kristijan Ramadan and Ivan Dikic


Chocolate and Health: Friend or Foe? Hosted by Mauro Serafini and Emilio Jirillo

Natural Killer Cells in Human Diseases: Friends or Foes? Hosted by Vincent Vieillard, Bree Foley and Sandra Lopez-Verges

Neuro-Development and Psychological Issues in Congenital Heart Defects, Hosted by Antonio F. Corno and Elisabeth M.W.J. Utens

Natural Antibodies in Health and Disease, Hosted by Ana Maria Hernandez and Nichol E. Holodick

Are Rodent Models Fit for Investigation of Human Obesity and Related Diseases? Hosted by Patrick C. Even, Sam Virtue, Nicholas M. Morton, Gilles Fromentin and Robert K. Semple

Macroautophagy has emerged as a key process modulating tumorigenesis, tumor-stroma interactions, and cancer therapy.

Self-Eating on Demand: Autophagy in Cancer and Cancer Therapy, Hosted by Patrizia Agostinis and Jon D. Lane

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