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Frontiers in Physics launches new section: Nuclear Physics

Specialty Chief Editor Professor Laura Elisa Marcucci aims to promote collaboration and interaction among researchers working in this vital and vast research field.

— by Claudio Bogazzi

Frontiers in Physics is pleased to announce the launch of a new section, Nuclear Physics, led by Professor Laura Elisa Marcucci from the University of Pisa, Italy.

This new section welcomes articles reporting experimental or theoretical results on the following themes:

Asked to highlight the benefits of Open Access for the nuclear physics community, Prof. Marcucci replied:

“I believe the community is entering in a phase where collaboration and sharing of results become crucial for advancing the field. The community is becoming more and more “global”, with researchers located in less traditional countries, such as China and India. An Open Access journal in nuclear physics is therefore crucial to allow everybody worldwide to access to key results.”

Additionally, she added that, “Nuclear Physics is a vital and vast research field, crucial for our understanding of many phenomena and of fundamental theories themselves. It is hard to find journals which cover the nuclear physics field as a whole. In this section, we hope to be able to cover most of the main aspects of this field, aiming to promote collaboration and interaction among different researchers.”

The Frontiers in Physics team welcomes her and looks forward to helping her develop and grow her section.

Frontiers in Physics‘ newest section is now open for high-quality submissions and Research Topic proposals on experimental or theoretical studies in the field of Nuclear Physics.

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