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Frontiers eBooks published in March 2018

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Topics covered in this month’s eBooks include:

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Cephalopods are often very attentive animals scanning their surrounding with their prominent eyes

The Vascular Niche in Tissue Repair: A Therapeutic Target for Regeneration
Edited by Francisco J. Rivera and Ludwig Aigner

Engineering Rumen Metabolic Pathways: Where We Are, and Where Are We Heading
Edited by Emilio M. Ungerfeld and C. James Newbold

Multiple Identities Management
Edited by Clara Kulich, Soledad de Lemus, Natasza Kosakowska-Berezecka and Fabio Lorenzi-Cioldi

Vision in Cephalopods
Edited by Frederike Diana Hanke and Daniel Colaco Osorio

Transitions Between Consciousness and Unconsciousness
Edited by Marcus Rothkirch, Morten Overgaard and Guido Hesselmann

Triage in Conservation
Edited by Matt W. Hayward, Ricardo Baldi and J. Guy Castley

Metastable Dynamics of Neural Ensembles
Edited by Emili Balaguer-Ballester, Ruben Moreno-Bote, Gustavo Deco and Daniel Durstewitz

Harvesting Plant and Microbial Biodiversity for Sustainably Enhanced Food Security
Edited by Laurent Laplaze, Francesca Sparvoli, Khaled Masmoudi and Charles Thomas Hash

Psychological Responses to Violations of Expectations: Perspectives and Answers from Diverse Fields of Psychology
Edited by Mario Gollwitzer, Anna Thorwart and Karin Meissner

Fragmentation in Sleep and Mind: Linking Dissociative Symptoms, Sleep, and Memory
Edited by Dalena van Heugten – van der Kloet and Sue Llewellyn

Frontiers in Earth Science – Editor’s Choice 2017 
Edited by Valerio Acocella

Multitasking: Executive Functioning in Dual-Task and Task Switching Situations
Edited by Tilo Strobach, Mike Wendt and Markus Janczyk

Expectations have been a central construct in different areas of psychological research.


The Neurobiology and Genetics of Gilles de la Tourette Syndrome: New Avenues through Large-Scale Collaborative Projects
Edited by Peristera Paschou and Kirsten R. Muller-Vahl

Single-Domain Antibodies: Biology, Engineering and Emerging Applications
Edited by Kevin A. Henry and C. Roger MacKenzie

New Models of Care for Patients with Severe Mental Illness – Bridging In- and Outpatients
Edited by Martin Heinze, Yasser Khazaal and Alexandre Wullschleger

The Roles of GnIH in Reproductive Function and Behavior
Edited by Takayoshi Ubuka, Ishwar Parhar, Lance J Kriegsfeld and Kazuyoshi Tsutsui

Reassessing Twenty Years of Vaccine Development Against Tuberculosis
Edited by Ulrich E. Schaible and Stefan H. Kaufmann

Educating the Global Workforce for Public Health
Edited by Sanjay P. Zodpey, Roger A. Harrison, Michal Grivna, John R. Finnegan and Connie J. Evashwick

A classical view of neural computation is that it can be characterized in terms of convergence to fixed-point-type attractor states.

Controversies and Perspectives in the Use of Postoperative Radiotherapy for Prostate Cancer
Edited by Alan Dal Pra, Thomas Zilli and Stephane Supiot

Intrinsic Clocks
Edited by Timo Partonen and Daniela D. Pollak

Cell Signaling in Host–Pathogen Interactions: The Host Point of View
Edited by Diana Bahia, Abhay Satoskar and Olivier Dussurget

HIV-Induced Damage of B Cells and Production of HIV Neutralizing Antibodies
Edited by Francesca Chiodi and Gabriella Scarlatti

Is the Recent Burst of Therapeutic Anti-Tumor Antibodies the Tip of an Iceberg?
Edited by Leonor Kremer and Jose A. Garcia-Sanz


Mega Quakes: Cascading Earthquake Hazards and Compounding Risks
Edited by Katsuichiro Goda, Tiziana Rossetto, Nobuhito Mori and Solomon Tesfamariam

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