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Frontiers in Marine Science welcomes Di Jin as Chief Editor of Marine Affairs and Policy

Frontiers in Marine Science is delighted to welcome Dr. Di Jin, a marine resource economist based at the Woods Hole Oceanography Institution, USA, as our new Specialty Chief Editor for the Marine Affairs and Policy section.

“The section aims to promote a modern relationship between humankind and the oceans, based on recognizing the true value of the latter and enabling its sustainable use for generations to come,” says Dr. Jin. “We welcome articles outlining solutions to current problems of ocean governance to ensure sustainability of human activities in marine or connected ecosystems, multidisciplinary studies on coupled natural and human systems, and studies on science communication, public engagement, and scientific decision making and decision tools.”

The Marine Affairs and Policy section of Frontiers in Marine Science accepts articles for submission addressing all aspects of marine policy and ocean governance, with a particular emphasis on driving human activities towards sustainability. Subject areas include, but are not limited to:

Dr. Jin brings a broad range of research experience to the section — from coastal management, marine resources and marine safety to integrated economic and ecological/geological models. He is dedicated to publishing rigorous, inspiring research that informs and promotes modern policy decisions and good ocean governance.

The Marine Affairs and Policy section of Frontiers in Marine Science welcomes high-quality article submissions and Research Topic proposals. Send us yours — or contact with any questions.

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