NYU’s Guillermina Jasso leads new Migration and Society section of Frontiers in Sociology

NYU's Guillermina Jasso leads new Migration and Society section of Frontiers in Sociology

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— By Sara Tuxworth

Frontiers in Sociology is pleased to announce Professor Guillermina Jasso of NYU, USA as Chief Editor for its latest section, Migration and Society.

“Migration and Society welcomes articles on all aspects of international migration and its links to the people and societies at origin, transit points and destination,” says Professor Jasso in her mission statement for the new section.

We are delighted to create an open-access platform for researchers in migration studies, ensuring that all published articles are free to read for the community. The Frontiers in Sociology team extends a warm welcome to Professor Jasso and her international editorial board:

Migration and Society welcomes contributions on assimilation across migrant generations as well as important topics such as education, family relationships, health, language, religion and identity.

Migration and Society is now open for high-quality article submissions and Research Topic proposals.

Our Research Topic currently open for submissions is Immigration in the Global Era: Migrants and the People and Laws at Origin and Destination edited by Professors Guillermina Jasso and Moshe Semyonov.

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