New article submission system for authors


Frontiers launches a seamless article submission system to help authors submit their manuscript even more quickly and efficiently.

The state-of-the-art Frontiers submission system introduces a range of new features:

  • Quick and easy journal selection
  • Relevant journal and editorial board information
  • Figure preview
  • Guidance tips
  • Automatic save

Most importantly, as an author you need to be able to identify and select the correct journal to submit your manuscript to. Our new morphing search now sorts matching journals instantaneously. Information about the matching journals, their scope and editorial boards is also provided, to ensure you can make an accurate selection.

In addition, this new and improved platform makes it easier to add your personal information, review your files and select Associate Editors — with everything saved automatically and guidance tips provided along the way.

All Frontiers platform features are built in-house — based on extensive analysis and feedback from our community of authors, editors and reviewers. This intuitive platform provides you with speed and efficiency, allowing you to spend less time submitting manuscripts and more time doing research.

This is the first set of new features and enhancements in the submission process, with many more still to come. Take a quick look now!

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