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New Energy Materials section launched in Frontiers in Materials

Frontiers is pleased to announce the launch of the new Energy Materials section within Frontiers in Materials.

Specialty Chief Editor, Liming Dai

Liming Dai to lead Energy Materials

This new section will be led by Specialty Chief Editor Liming Dai, Kent Hale Smith Professor at the Department of Macromolecular Science and Engineering, Case Western Reserve University, USA.

Materials science and engineering for sustainable energy

“Global energy consumption has been accelerating at an alarming rate,” explains Liming Dai as he highlights the importance of developing new types of sustainable energy. Materials science and engineering are at the forefront to face this global challenge through the rational design of new materials, structures and devices for sustainable energy generation and storage.

Pioneering, high-quality research for all

This exciting new section seeks articles related to fundamental and applied research across all areas of energy materials, including: photovoltaics, fuel cells, batteries and supercapacitors. With a strong focus on pioneering high-quality research, the Energy Materials section will provide freedom to experiment with innovation as well as advance the pace and positive impact of scientific contributions to revolutionize future energy systems”.

“All research is for the benefit of humankind, and therefore should be disseminated and communicated to all people without borders” explains Liming Dai. Featuring energy materials in a fully Open Access journal enables sharing “all aspects related to this multidisciplinary and fast-developing field to researchers across academia, industry and with the public worldwide, in a rapid, free-to-read and transparent fashion”.

The Energy Materials section is now open for submissions and welcomes high-quality articles and topical themed article collection proposals across the breadth of the field.

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