10 articles showcasing accessible science for kids

Find out how these 10 articles are a starting point for (young) readers to discover our journal.

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Why is 10 such an amazing number? Well, Pythagoras considered 10 to be the most sacred number, crabs have 10 appendages, and Frontiers is having its 10th Birthday this year. At Frontiers for Young Minds we decided to join in on that celebration by presenting you with 10 articles showcasing accessible science for kids and teens.

– By Hedwig Ens

At the Editorial Office of Frontiers for Young Minds we support scientists in making their research accessible for a younger audience. As a community, we thereby help to create a library of freely accessible scientific articles that are simplified, yet scientifically correct, and understandable for kids and teens. An outcome that we think deserves to be celebrated every day.

When asked to pick 10 great articles to join the celebrations, we knew it would be tricky to narrow it down to only 10. As every article is a showcase of immense dedication from the authors, editors, and young reviewers involved, and all merit an audience.

So instead, we decided to base our selection on articles spanning a diverse range in topics that could be used as a starting point for (young) readers to discover the journal – with articles written by a diversity of authors, and reviewed by a diversity of young reviewers.

Check out the 10 articles we selected and discover how each of them covers an intriguing scientific discovery or concept.

We hope you’ll find something new and exciting to share in every one of these articles. Want to read more of our fascinating articles? Have a look at what our different sections have to offer: Astronomy and Space ScienceBiodiversityEarth and its ResourcesHealthMathematics, and Neuroscience.

Interested in adapting your research for kids and teens? See our Author Guidelines and email us at kids@frontiersin.org to get started!

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  1. Dr N.K.Srivastavastava BHU // November 10, 2018 at 6:01 am // Reply

    very useful information one can pursue and guide kids in better way

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