Frontiers eBooks published in October 2018

Download this month’s new releases including the latest research collections on quasars, epilepsy, humanoid robotics, and many more!

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Mycorrhiza in Tropical and Neotropical Ecosystems
Edited by Mohamed Hijri and Amadou Bâ
Optimizing Miscanthus for the Sustainable Bioeconomy: From Genes to Products
Edited by Kerrie Farrar, Emily A. Heaton and Luisa M. Trindade
The Search for Biological Active Agent(s) From Actinobacteria
Edited by Learn-Han Lee, Kok-Gan Chan, Jem Stach, Elizabeth M. H. Wellington and Bey-Hing Goh
The Good, The Bad and The Ugly: Multiple Roles of Bacteria in Human Life
Edited by Tatiana Venkova, Chew Chieng Yeo and Manuel Espinosa
What Is the Role for Effective Pedagogy In Contemporary Higher Education?
Edited by Carl Senior, Dilly Fung, Christopher Howard and Rowena Senior
Students at Risk of School Failure
Edited by José Jesús Gázquez and José Carlos Núñez
Challenging the Functional Connectivity Disruption in Neurodegenerative Diseases: New Therapeutic Perspectives through Non-Invasive Neuromodulation and Cutting-Edge Technologies
Edited by Giancarlo Zito, Takashi Hanakawa, Luca Berdondini, Lorenzo Masia and Lorenzo Natale
Involvements of TRP Channels and Oxidative Stress in Pain
Edited by Jose A. Pariente, Cristina Carrasco, Mustafa Naziroglu and Laszlo Pecze
Quality of Horticultural Crops: A Recurrent/New Challenge for Plant Scientists in a Changing World
Edited by Nadia Bertin, Michel Génard and Maarten Hertog
The Chemistry of Imaging Probes
Edited by Lorenzo Tei and Zsolt Baranyai
Reaching to Grasp Cognition: Analyzing Motor Behavior to Investigate Social Interactions
Edited by Claudia Gianelli and Maurizio Gentilucci
Microbial Exopolymers: Sources, Chemico-Physiological Properties, and Ecosystem Effects in the Marine Environment
Edited by Tony Gutierrez, Andreas Teske, Kai Ziervogel, Uta Passow and Antonietta Quigg
Perivascular Adipose Tissue (PVAT) in Health and Disease
Edited by Stephanie W. Watts and Maik Gollasch
Quasars at All Cosmic Epochs
Edited by Paola Marziani, Mauro D’Onofrio, Ascensión del Olmo and Deborah Dultzin
Neural Computation in Embodied Closed-Loop Systems for the Generation of Complex Behavior: From Biology to Technology
Edited by Poramate Manoonpong and Christian Tetzlaff
Structure-Related Intrinsic Electrical States and Firing Patterns of Neurons With Active Dendrites
Edited by Sergey M. Korogod
New Trends on Genome and Transcriptome Characterizations
Edited by Rosalba Giugno and Vincenzo Manca
Signaling Pathways in Developing and Pathological Tissues and Organs of the Craniofacial Complex
Edited by Thimios Mitsiadis, Claudio Cantù and Lucia Jimenez-Rojo
Hypoxia in Kidney Disease
Edited by Maarten Koeners and Fredrik Palm


Veterinary Bacterial Zoonoses
Edited by Jiabo Ding, Menachem Banai, Shengqing Yu and Xin Ting
Sudden Death in Epilepsy: Basic and Translational Research
Edited by Christopher M. DeGiorgio
Microglia in Health and Disease: A Unique Immune Cell Population
Edited by Alessandro Michelucci, Michel Mittelbronn and Diego Gomez-Nicola
Cellular Therapies: Past, Present and Future
Edited by Anne Dickinson, Hildegard Greinix, Ernst Holler and Ralf Dressel
Immune-Epithelial Crosstalk in Inflammatory Bowel Diseases and Mucosal Wound Healing
Edited by Britta Siegmund, Moritz Leppkes and Christoph Becker
Extracellular Vesicle-Mediated Processes in Cardiovascular Diseases
Edited by Rory R. Koenen and Elena Aikawa


Software Architectures for Humanoid Robotics
Edited by Lorenzo Natale, Tamim Asfour, Fumio Kanehiro and Nikolaus Vahrenkamp
Nuclear Thermal Hydraulic and Two-Phase Flow
Edited by Jun Wang, Kaiyi Shi, Zhaoming Meng and Shripad T. Revankar

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