Branching into new areas: Manfred Lexer and Maurizio Mencuccini lead new specialties in Frontiers in Forests and Global Change

Manfred Lexer and Maurizio Mencuccini, Chief Editors of new specialties in Frontiers in Forests and Global Change

by Tim Gardner 

Two new sections in Frontiers in Forests and Global Change are open for submissions:

Forest Management will publish the latest research on the use and manipulation of forests to produce goods and services, and to achieve various management objectives. Working on scales from stand to landscape, Forest Management will publish articles on natural and planted forests to better understand the ecological and social processes that affect them. 

In recent years, we have begun to acknowledge the range of ecosystem services that forests provide to the landscape. With natural disturbance regimes increasing in intensity, it is now more vital than ever to understand the impact that our management practices are having on the forests of the world, and the services that are linked to them.

Aimed to complement its counterpart, Tropical ForestsTemperate and Boreal Forests aims to provide an open access outlet for the latest research concerning the forests found in the temperate and boreal areas of our world. These forests have played a vital part in our society for millennia and have been providing an important source of resources and services, and our management techniques have created a long history of disturbance going back into antiquity.

As part of our Open Science for Sustainability Programme, these specialties will help address the UN Sustainable Development Goals by aiding knowledge of our forests, helping us to create a more sustainable future for this critical part of our landscape.

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