Frontiers eBooks published in January 2019

Frontiers special issue eBooks published in January 2019

Download this month’s new releases including the latest research collections on language acquisition, precision medicine in oncology, the use of lignin for fuels and chemicals, and many more! All eBooks are free to download, share and distribute.

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Foundations of Theoretical Approaches in Systems Biology
Edited by Alberto Marin-Sanguino, Julio Vera and Rui Alves
Challenges and Opportunities for the EU Common Fisheries Policy Application in the Mediterranean and Black Sea
Edited by Simone Libralato, Francesco Colloca, Ali Cemal Gücü, Christos D. Maravelias, Cosimo Solidoro, Sebastián Villasante and Massimiliano Cardinale
Palynology and Vegetation History
Edited by Valentí Rull, Encarni Montoya, Thomas Giesecke and Jesse L. Morris
Language Acquisition in Diverse Linguistic, Social and Cognitive Circumstances
Edited by Maria Garraffa, Maria Teresa Guasti, Theodoros Marinis and Gary Morgan
Arterial Aging and Age-Associated Arterial Diseases
Edited by Mingyi Wang, Jiguang Wang, Gianfranco Pintus and Cuntai Zhang
Cell Adhesion and Migration in the Development of Multicellular Organisms
Edited by Takaaki Matsui, Mitsugu Fujita and Akihiko Ito
Fifty Shades of Grey: Exploring the Dark Sides of Leadership and Followership
Edited by Susanne Braun, Ronit Kark and Barbara Wisse
Drug Repositioning: Current Advances and Future Perspectives
Edited by Yuhei Nishimura and Hideaki Hara
Neural & Bio-inspired Processing and Robot Control
Edited by Shuai Li, Yangming Li, Muhammad Umer Khan, Xin Luo and Huanqing Wang
Neuroglia Molecular Mechanisms in Psychiatric Disorders
Edited by Caterina Scuderi, Mami Noda and Alexei Verkhratsky
Hybrid Biomolecular Modeling
Edited by Slavica Jonic, Osamu Miyashita and Isabelle Callebaut
Precision Medicine in Oncology
Edited by Angela Re, Caterina Nardella, Alessandro Quattrone and Andrea Lunardi
Hormones and Neural Aging: Lessons From Experimental Models
Edited by Isabel Varela-Nieto, Julie A. Chowen and Luis Miguel García-Segura
Acoustical Impact of Ships and Harbours: Airborne and Underwater N&V Pollution
Edited by Davide Borelli and Tomaso Gaggero
P-type ATPases in Health and Disease
Edited by Sigrid A. Langhans, Olga Vagin and Laura Andrea Dada
Structure and Function of Chloroplasts
Edited by Hongbo Gao, Rebecca L. Roston, Juliette Jouhet and Fei Yu
The Future of Coral Reefs Subject to Rapid Climate Change: Lessons from Natural Extreme Environments
Edited by Emma F. Camp, Verena Schoepf, Peter J. Mumby and David J. Suggett
Multisensor Systems for Analysis of Liquids and Gases: Trends and Developments
Edited by Larisa Lvova and Dmitry Kirsanov
Nutritional Cognitive Neuroscience Research at the Crossroads of Nutrition, Psychology, and Neuroscience
Edited by Aron K. Barbey, Elizabeth J. Johnson and Margaret Joy Dauncey
Redox and Nitrosative Signaling in Cardiovascular System: From Physiological Response to Disease
Edited by Mariarosaria Santillo and Pasquale Pagliaro
Conceptual Categories and the Structure of Reality: Theoretical and Empirical Approaches
Edited by Paul M.W. Hackett
Hormones and Economic Behavior
Edited by Pablo Brañas-Garza, Levent Neyse, Martin Voracek, Ulrich Schmidt and Monica Capra
Epitranscriptomics: The Novel RNA Frontier
Edited by Giovanni Nigita, Mario Acunzo, William Chi Shing Cho and Carlo Maria Croce


Active Aging and Disease Management
Edited by Helena Canhão and Jaime C. Branco Giuseppe Liotta
Immunity to Human Fungal Pathogens: Mechanisms of Host Recognition, Protection, Pathology, and Fungal Interference
Edited by Steven P. Templeton, Amariliz Rivera, Bernard Hube and Ilse D. Jacobsen
Cytokine-Ion Channel Interactions in Pulmonary Inflammation
Edited by István Vadász and Rudolf Lucas
Central Nervous System Metastases in Lung Cancer Patients: From Prevention to Diagnosis and Treatment
Edited by Lizza E.L. Hendriks, Deepa S. Subramaniam and Anne-Marie C. Dingemans
Beyond Borders: Myotonic Dystrophies – A European Perception
Edited by Benedikt Schoser and Giovanni Meola
New Therapies and Immunological Findings in Melanoma and Other Skin Cancers
Edited by Atsushi Otsuka and Reinhard Georg Dummer
Current Progress and Challenges in the Development of a Hepatitis C Virus Vaccine
Edited by Steven K.H. Foung and Thomas F. Baumert
NEUROTRAUMA: From Emergency Room to Back to Day-by-Day Life
Edited by Renato Anghinah, Wellingson Silva Paiva, Tiago Henrique Falk and Felipe Fregni
Metabolism and Immune Tolerance
Edited by Duncan Howie and Claudio Mauro
Machine Learning With Radiation Oncology Big Data
Edited by Jun Deng, Issam El Naqa and Lei Xing
Immune Checkpoint Molecules and Cancer Immunotherapy
Edited by Alexandr V. Bazhin, Amedeo Amedei and Svetlana Karakhanova
Making Science Fun – A Tribute to Our Colleague and Friend, Prof. Antonius G. Rolink (1953–2017)
Edited by Hermann Eibel, Thomas H. Winkler and Rhodri Ceredig


Advancements in Biomass Recalcitrance: The Use of Lignin for the Production of Fuels and Chemicals
Edited by Arthur J. Ragauskas and Chang Geun Yoo

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