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Christophe Lacroix leads Nutrition and Microbes a new specialty in Frontiers in Nutrition

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“Microbes are essential for all forms of life on earth, from plants to animals and humans,” says Professor Christophe Lacroix in his mission statement for the new section. “More recently, the crucial roles of microbes for human development and lifelong health have been emphasized, opening huge opportunities for nutrition to prevent or treat chronic diseases linked to the activity of the gut microbiota.”

Nutrition and Microbes aims to publish significant nutritionally-relevant food, clinical and basic research findings based on microbes and functions.

Under the leadership of Professor Lacroix of ETH Zurich, we are delighted to create an open-access platform for researchers in nutrition, ensuring that all published articles are free to read. The Frontiers in Nutrition team extends a warm welcome to Professor Lacroix and his international Editorial Board:

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