Frontiers eBooks published in March 2019

Frontiers eBooks March 2019

Download this month’s new releases including the latest research collections on cephalopod digestion, wild immunology, computed tomography and many more! All eBooks are free to download, share and distribute.

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The Digestive Tract of Cephalopods: At the Interface Between Physiology and Ecology
Edited by Giovanna Ponte, Eduardo Almansa, and Paul Andrews
Hidden Secrets and Lessons From the Crystal Structures of Integral Membrane Proteins Channels, Pumps and Receptors
Edited by Mario Díaz and Garth L. Nicolson
Tooth Enamel: Frontiers in Mineral Chemistry and Biochemistry, Integrative Cell Biology and Genetics
Edited by Steven Joseph Brookes, Ariane Berdal, Sylvie Babajko, and Alexandre Rezende Vieira
Emerging and Re-Emerging Organizational Features, Work Transitions and Occupational Risk Factors: The Good, the Bad, the Right. An Interdisciplinary Perspective
Edited by Giulio Arcangeli, Gabriele Giorgi, Nicola Mucci, Jean-Luc Bernaud, and Annamaria Di Fabio
Molecular Pathology of HTLV-1
Edited by Umberto Bertazzoni, Vincenzo Ciminale, and Maria Grazia Romanelli
Digital Skills and Life-long Learning: Digital Learning as a New Insight of Enhanced Learning by the Innovative Approach Joining Technology and Cognition
Edited by Dina Di Giacomo, Pierpaoloand Vittorini, and Pilar Lacasa
Molecular and Cellular Mechanisms of the Legume-Rhizobia Symbiosis
Edited by Jianping Wang, Stig Uggerhøj Andersen, and Pascal Ratet
Neuroinflammation and Cognition
Edited by Ashok Kumar, Brandi K Ormerod, Yogesh Dwivedi, and Jakob W Streit
Seed Dormancy, Germination and Pre-Harvest Sprouting
Edited by Chengdao Li, Hiro Nonogaki, and Jose Barrero
Endogenous Viral Elements – Links Between Autoimmunity and Cancer?
Edited by Martin S. Staege and Alexander Emmer
The Role of Glia in Alzheimer’s Disease
Edited by Beatriz G. Perez-Nievas and Alberto Serrano-Pozo
Self and Memory: A Multidisciplinary Debate
Edited by Rossella Guerini, Massimo Marraffa, Cristina Meini, and Alfredo Paternoster
Biological Mechanism-Based and Patient-Centered Management of Cancer-Related Symptoms and Syndromes
Edited by Antonio Macciò, Silvia Busquets, Clelia Madeddu, and Josep M. Argilés
Molecular Mechanisms in Pulmonary Hypertension and Right Ventricle Dysfunction
Edited by Harry Karmouty-Quintana, Christophe Guignabert, Grazyna Kwapiszewska, and Mark L. Ormiston
The Impact of Stress on Cognition and Motivation
Edited by Pedro Morgado and João J. Cerqueira
Binge Drinking in the Adolescent and Young Brain
Edited by Eduardo López-Caneda, Fernando Cadaveira, and Salvatore Campanella
Mixotrophy in Protists: from Model Systems to Mathematical Models
Edited by Matthew D. Johnson and Holly V. Moeller
Clinical Relevance of the Immune-to-Brain and Brain-to-Immune Communications
Edited by Julie Lasselin, Martin Hadamitzky, Manfred Schedlowski and Mats Lekander
Weak Interactions in Molecular Machinery
Edited by Irene Díaz-Moreno and Rivka Isaacson
Diversity Oriented Synthesis
Edited by Andrea Basso, Seung Bum Park and Lisa Moni
Mapping Human Sensory-Motor Skills for Manipulation Onto the Design and Control of Robots
Edited by Matteo Bianchi and Gionata Salvietti


Challenges of Pharmacoeconomics in Global Health Arena
Edited by Mihajlo (Michael) Jakovljevic, Nick Verhaeghe, and Kyriakos Souliotis
The Road to Pathogenesis: Charting the Development of LSCs and Pre-LSCs
Edited by Keisuke Ito and Ross L. Levine
Advances in Transoral Approaches for Laryngeal Cancer
Edited by Cesare Piazza, Giorgio Peretti, and Vincent Vander Poorten
Burden of Illness in People with Epilepsy: From Population-Based Studies to Precision Medicine
Edited by Adam Strzelczyk, Karl Martin Klein, and Felix von Podewils
Metabolism of Cancer Cells and Immune Cells in the Tumor Microenvironment
Edited by Yongsheng Li and Bo Zhu
Multicellularity in the Cardiovascular System
Edited by Multicellularity in the Cardiovascular System
Wild Immunology – The Answers Are Out There
Edited by Gregory M. Woods and Andrew S. Flies


Computed Tomography Based Biomechanics
Edited by Asa Barber, Gianluca Tozzi, and Martino Pani

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