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Frontiers joins the Executive Board of the Swiss Management Association

Frontiers has been invited to join the Executive Board of the Swiss Management Association (Schweizerische Management Gesellsschaft — SMG), the largest gathering of decision-makers on issues that affect the Swiss economy. We will be joining 13 other Executive Board members who support SMG’s mission to “enable the business leaders of Switzerland to compete at the cutting edge in the global environment thanks to excellent corporate management processes”.

Represented by our CEO, Kamila Markram we hope to share best practices with other Swiss companies on issues that affect operational and strategic management and are excited to contribute our expertise in digital publishing and technology.

It’s an incredible honor for us to join the SMG Executive Board and engage in cross-sector discussions with representatives from recruitment to banking, manufacturing, pharmaceuticals, public policy and academia. Kamila was appointed alongside 3 other new 2019 Executive Board members:

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SMG press releases announcing 2019 Executive Board appointments in French and German.

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