Indiana University extends open access publishing agreement with Frontiers

As part of a trial agreement until the end of April 2021, Indiana University-affiliated corresponding authors benefited from a 7.5% discount on APCs when publishing in any of Frontiers’ open access journals, irrespective of what fund covers the APC.

This collaboration has now been further formalized and extended, and starting from 1st May 2021, IU-affiliated corresponding authors will enjoy a 10% discount on APCs.

In addition to the discount, insights into institutional publishing activity are included and regular data reports will be available directly to the library.

All other arrangements (data reports to IU Libraries, verifications) remain the same.

Information for authors:

If an Indiana University-affiliated corresponding author submits their manuscript with an affiliated institutional email address domain, the discount will be automatically applied. If submission is done with another email domain, but Indiana University is indicated as the corresponding author’s affiliation, Frontiers will verify eligibility for the discount with the Indiana University Libraries.

For information on whether your article is eligible under this agreement, please contact the Indiana University Libraries at, or contact for invoicing queries.

For information on Frontiers’ institutional agreements please visit our institutional membership page or contact to discuss the possibilities for your organisation.

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