10 article collections are unpacking the brain and nervous system

Human hand and brain, 3D rendering

The Frontiers in Neuroscience journal series is proud to announce their collaboration with the Mediterranean Neuroscience Conference, taking place June 23-27 this year, in Marrakech. Ten exciting article collections in Frontiers in Neuroscience Series are picking apart questions that remain unanswered about how the brain and nervous system work. These timely Topics will be discussed at the conference and are already open for submission to the scientific community.

Explore the ten article collections below and find out how you can get involved.

Dendritic Spines: from Biophysics to Neuropathology led by Menahem Segal, Martine Ammassari-Teule and Carlo Sala

Brain-Liver Axis and Glutamate Homeostasis led by Arturo Ortega, Mustapha Najimi

New GPCR Targets and Modulators to Treat CNS Disorders led by Giuseppe Di Giovanni, Abdeslam Chagraoui, Philippe De Deurwaerdere and Evgeni Ponimaskin

The Role of Cellular Senescence in Health and Disease led by Isabel Varela-Nieto, Ignacio Palmero and Vassilis G Gorgoulis

The Role of Autophagy and the Unfolded Protein Response (Upr) in Proper and Improper Brain Function, in General, and in the Mechanism of Mood Stabilization, in Particular led by Galila Agam and Miriam L. Greenberg

The Therapeutic Potential of Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation in Addiction led by Marco Diana and Liana Fattore

Novel Psychoactive Drugs – The Saga Continues… led by Aviv M Weinstein and Liana Fattore

Neurobiology of Exercise: Regulating Factors, Individual Differences and Therapeutic Approaches led by Mercè Correa and John D Salamone

Developing Brain in Danger: Critical Periods of Vulnerability from In-utero to Adolescence led by Carla Cannizzaro, Miriam Melis and Sophie Laye

Progress in Risk Factors and Development of Parkinson’s Disease led by Annalisa Pinna, Nicola Simola, Micaela Morelli and Simone Engelender

If you are interested in creating a permanent, fully open-access, digital record of your symposium or conference, contact us at neuroscience@frontiersin.org or via this form

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  1. Boghos L. Artinian MD // June 25, 2019 at 12:36 pm // Reply

    The soul is precariously maintained by the brain’s uninterrupted consumption of Oxygen and Glucose.


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