Frontiers eBooks published in June 2019

Download this month’s new releases including the latest research collections on refugee mental health, autoantibodies, humanoid robots, and many more! All eBooks are free to download, share and distribute.

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Coping With Extreme Environments: A Physiological/Psychological Approach
Edited by Costantino Balestra, Jacek Kot, Shai Efrati, François Guerrero, Jean-Eric Blatteau, and Stéphane Besnard
Word Morphology and Written Language Acquisition: Insights from Typical and Atypical Development in Different Orthographies
Edited by Lynne G. Duncan, Daniela Traficante, and Maximiliano A. WilsonWord Morphology and Written Language Acquisition: Insights from Typical and Atypical Development in Different Orthographies
The Applications of New Multi-Locus GWAS Methodologies in the Genetic Dissection of Complex Traits
Edited by Yuan-Ming Zhang, Zhenyu Jia, and Jim M Dunwell
Experimental Models of Epilepsy and Related Comorbidities
Edited by Mohd. Farooq Shaikh, Ayanabha Chakraborti, Annamaria Vezzani, and Jafri Malin Abdullah
IL-1 Inhibition
Edited by Francesca Oliviero, Paolo Sfriso, Leonardo Punzi, and Jean-Michel Dayer
Metabotropic Glutamate Receptors and Neurological/Psychiatric Disorders
Edited by Enza Palazzo, Volker Neugebauer, and Sabatino Maione
New Perspectives on Domestic Violence: From Research to Intervention
Edited by Luca Rollè, Shulamit Ramon, and Piera Brustia
Responses to Climate Change in the Cold Biomes
Edited by Hans J. De Boeck, Erika Hiltbrunner, Anke Jentsch, and Vigdis Vandvik
The Art and Science of Heroism and Heroic Leadership
Edited by Scott T. Allison, James K. Beggan, and Olivia Efthimiou
Dynamics and Modulation of Synaptic Transmission in the Mammalian CNS
Edited by Maria Elisa Calcagnotto, Alberto A. Rasia-Filho, and Idan Segev
The Evolving Geomagnetic Field
Edited by Greig A. Paterson, Christopher J. Davies, and Ron Shaar
Applications of Synergies in Human Machine Interfaces
Edited by Ramana Vinjamuri, Zhi-Hong Mao, and Anil Maybhate


Advances in Head and Neck Cancer Immunology and Immunotherapy
Edited by Rasha Abu-Eid and John E. Janik
Refugee Mental Health
Edited by Stephan Zipfel, Monique C. Pfaltz, and Ulrich Schnyder
Public Health Nutrition: Assessing Evidence to Determine Policy and Practice
Edited by Alessandra Lafranconi, Sumantra Ray, and Giuseppe Grosso
Novel Psychoactive Drugs
Edited by Liana Fattore and Aviv Weinstein
Overeating and Decision Making Vulnerabilities
Edited by Qinghua He, Yonghui Li, Xiao Gao, and Hong Chen
TRAF Proteins in Human Disease
Edited by Gail A. Bishop, Ali A. Abdul-Sater, and Tania H. Watts
Edited by Rikard Holmdahl, Falk Nimmerjahn, and Ralf J. Ludwig
Continued Fascination – A Tribute to a Giant in Immunology, Dr. William E. Paul
Edited by Jinfang Zhu and Joshua D. Milner
Global Education of Health Management
Edited by William Edson Aaronson and Connie J. Evashwick


Consciousness in Humanoid Robots
Edited by Antonio Chella, Angelo Cangelosi, Giorgio Metta, and Selmer Bringsjord
In-situ and In-operando Techniques for Material Characterizations During Battery Operation
Edited by Verónica Palomares and Neeraj Sharma

Humanities and Social Sciences:

Materialities of Age and Ageing: Concepts of a Material Gerontology
Edited by Grit Höppner and Monika Urban

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  1. This is a very nice collection of reports


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