Frontiers eBooks published in September 2019

Download this month’s new releases including the latest research collections on Bilingualism, Asthma, Single Cell Omics and many more! All eBooks are free to download, share and distribute.

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Socio-Ecology of Microbes in a Changing Ocean
Edited by Matthias Wietz, Stanley C. Lau, and Tilmann Harder
Introduction to Single Cell Omics
Edited by Xinghua Pan, Shixiu Wu, and Sherman M. Weissman
The DNA Replication Machinery as Therapeutic Targets
Edited by Andrew F. Gardner and Zvi Kelman
Effects of Plant-Microbiome Interactions on Phyto- and Bio-Remediation Capacity
Edited by Stefano Castiglione, Angela Cicatelli, Nuria Ferrol, and Piotr Rozpadek
Soil Fungal Biodiversity for Plant and Soil Health
Edited by Magdalena Frąc, Małgorzata Jędryczka, and Emilia Silja Hannula
Clinical Psychometrics: Old Issues and New Perspectives
Edited by Michela Balsamo, Marco Innamorati, and Dorian A. Lamis
Training Intensity, Volume and Recovery Distribution Among Elite and Recreational Endurance Athletes
Edited by Thomas L. Stöggl and Billy Sperlich
Environmental Enrichment: Enhancing Neural Plasticity, Resilience, and Repair
Edited by Amanda C. Kentner, Anthony J. Hannan, and S. Tiffany Donaldson
From Structure to Signalosomes: New Perspectives About Membrane Receptors and Channels
Edited by Yi Ma, Kai He and Gerald A. Berkowitz
Bayesian Estimation and Inference in Computational Anatomy and Neuroimaging: Methods & Applications
Edited by Xiaoying Tang, Thomas Fletcher, and Michael I. Miller
Bilingual Language Development: The Role of Dominance
Edited by Cornelia Hamann, Esther Rinke, and Dobrinka Genevska-Hanke
Epigenetic Mechanisms in Neural Plasticity
Edited by Daniel Ortuño-Sahagún, Reinhard Schliebs, and Merce Pallàs
Extracellular Enzymes in Aquatic Environments: Exploring the Link Between Genomic Potential and Biogeochemical Consequences
Edited by Maria Montserrat Sala, Judith Piontek, Sonja Endres, Anna Maria Romani, Sonya Dyhrman, and Andrew Decker Steen
The Psychophysiology of Action
Edited by Sven Hoffmann, Markus Raab, and Christian Beste
The Cognitive Psychology of Climate Change
Edited by Patrik Sörqvist and John E. Marsh
Application of Protective Cultures and Bacteriocins for Food Biopreservation
Edited by Riadh Hammami, Ismail Fliss, and Aldo Corsetti
Updates on Large and Giant DNA Viruses
Edited by Jônatas Santos Abrahão, and Bernard La Scola
Perspectives on the ‘Bilingual Advantage’: Challenges and Opportunities
Edited by Peter Bright and Roberto Filippi
Improving the Nutritional Content and Quality of Crops: Promises, Achievements, and Future Challenges
Edited by Felipe Klein Ricachenevsky, Marta Wilton Vasconcelos, Huixia Shou, Alexander Arthur Theodore Johnson, and Raul Antonio Sperotto
Positive Technology: Designing E-experiences for Positive Change
Edited by Andrea Gaggioli, Daniela Villani, Silvia Serino, Rosa Banos, and Cristina Botella
Alternative Therapeutic Approaches for Multidrug Resistant Clostridium difficile
Edited by Tavan Janvilisri, Joseph A. Sorg, Joy Scaria, and Michael J. Sadowsky
Dyadic Coping: A Collection of Recent Studies
Edited by Guy Bodenmann, Mariana K. Falconier, and Ashley K. Randall
Microbial Decontamination by Novel Technologies – Mechanisms and Application Concepts
Edited by Alexander Mathys, Kai Reineke, and Henry Jäger
Judgment and Decision Making Under Uncertainty: Descriptive, Normative, and Prescriptive Perspectives
Edited by David R. Mandel, Gorka Navarrete, Nathan Dieckmann, and Jonathan D. Nelson
Creativity: Education and Rehabilitation
Edited by Massimiliano Palmiero, Laura Piccardi, Raffaella Nori, Liana Palermo, Carola Salvi, and Cecilia Guariglia
Neurobiological Models of Psychotherapy: How Psychotherapy Changes the Brain
Edited by Arash Javanbakht and Cristina Maria Alberini
Epigenetics Traits in Mammalian Tissues. From New Technology to New Hypotheses
Edited by Michael E. Symonds and Rafael Franco
The Earth-Moon System as a Dynamical Laboratory
Edited by Elisa Maria Alessi, Josep Masdemont, and Alessandro Rossi
Folded Synthetic Peptides for Biomedical Applications
Edited by Alessandro Contini and Jutta Eichler
Ecology and Evolution of Plants Under Domestication in the Neotropics
Edited by Alejandro Casas, Ana H. Ladio, and Charles R. Clement


Fresh Ideas, Foundational Experiments: Immunology and Diabetes
Edited by Hubert M. Tse, Marc S. Horwitz, and Brian T. Fife
Obstructive Sleep Apnea and the Brain
Edited by Haralampos Gouveris, Ruth Benca, Danny Joel Eckert, and Inka Tuin
Difficult and Severe Asthma in Children
Edited by Andrew Bush, Giorgio Piacentini, Francesca Santamaria, Nicola Ullmann, and Renato Cutrera
Intellectual Disability and Assistive Technology
Edited by Fleur Heleen Boot, Julia S. Louw, Hung Jen Kuo, and Roy Chen
Skin Blistering Diseases
Edited by Ralf J. Ludwig, Philippe Musette, Cristina Has, Dedee Murrell, and Kyle T. Amber
Classic and Pleiotropic Actions of Vitamin D
Edited by Pawel Pludowski, William B. Grant, Jerzy Konstantynowicz, and Michael F. Holick
SIRT Family in Endocrinology
Edited by Yang Yang and Russel J. Reiter
Double-edged Swords: Genetic Factors That Influence the Pathogenesis of Both Metabolic Disease and Cancer
Edited by Che-Pei Kung, Maureen E. Murphy, and Hua Lu
T Cell Alterations in Adipose Tissue During Obesity, HIV and Cancer
Edited by Dorothy Ellen Lewis, Joanne Lysaght, and Huaizhu Wu
Predictive Imagable Biomarkers for Brain Disorders
Edited by Pravat K. Mandal and Lars Ersland
Endometrial Cancer: From Biological to Clinical Approaches
Edited by Massimo Nabissi, Frederic Amant, and Paola Gehrig
Frontiers in Oncology: Quarterly Highlights. Quarter 2 2019
Edited by Giuseppe Giaccone


Innovative Methodologies for Resilient Buildings and Cities
Edited by Izuru Takewaki, Masayuki Kohiyama, Tomaso Trombetti, Solomon Tesfamariam, and Xinzheng Lu
Waste Biorefineries: Future Energy, Green Products and Waste Treatment
Edited by Mohammad Rehan, Abdul-Sattar Nizami, Umer Rashid, and Muhammad Raza Naqvi

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    Thank you for making the books accessible


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