Update: The agreement between Frontiers and Brock University will close on 21/11/20.

We are delighted to announce that Brock University has established an institutional membership agreement for open access publishing with Frontiers.

Brock University supports open access publishing by covering 50% of article processing charges (APCs) for corresponding authors affiliated with the University who wish to publish in any Frontiers journal.

This agreement will further encourage Brock University authors to publish open access, increasing uptake of open access to the results of mostly publicly funded research, to the benefit of the scholarly community and the public at large, while reducing costs.

Information for authors:

To submit your article under this institutional agreement, please select ‘Brock University’ as institutional payer in the invoice section when submitting your article. Frontiers will then verify your eligibility with Brock University Library, and if confirmed, 50% of the APC will be paid by the Library upon acceptance. You will receive an invoice from Frontiers for the remaining 50%.

For information on whether your article is eligible under this agreement, or if you require any further details, please visit https://brocku.ca/library/teach-publish/open-access/ or contact mailto:Libsub@brocku.ca

For information on Frontiers’ institutional agreements please visit our institutional membership page or contact institutions@frontiersin.org to discuss the possibilities for your organisation.

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