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New Field Chief Editor for Frontiers in Sociology

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Professor Hannah Bradby of Uppsala University, Sweden is the new Field Chief Editor of Frontiers in Sociology. Prof Bradby has been Specialty Chief Editor for Frontiers in Sociology’s Medical Sociology section.

Prof Hannah Bradby

She is committed to interdisciplinary approaches that work towards equality across socio-demographic variables and in different social groups. Her research is reflected in her vision for the journal. 

Prof Bradby explains the challenges that Sociology as a field addresses worldwide:

In this context, the journal’s focus is making “high quality, innovative and analytically acute research available to an international readership,” says Prof Bradby.

About Prof Hannah Bradby

She is a recipient of research funded by the Medical Research Council and the Economic and Social Research Council. She fulfills a number of editorial roles, including editing the Sociology of Health and Illness monograph series. Together with Professor Sandra Torres, also of Uppsala University, Prof Bradby leads the Research Group on Welfare and Lifecourse and is a contributing editor to the Cost of Living website.

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