How do Race and Ethnicity Shape our Societies?

Professor Sin Yi Cheung leads new specialty on Race and Ethnicity in Frontiers in Sociology

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Race and ethnicity, as well as religion and faith, continue to be powerful forces in demarcating social divisions and inequalities in contemporary societies, despite the ever-growing diversity of our global cities.

“Like it or not, race and ethnicity are not just academic concepts, they are alive and well,” says Prof Sin Yi Cheung, Specialty Chief Editor of Race and Ethnicity.

Race and Ethnicity, a new specialty in Frontiers in Sociology is now open for submissions. The section will publish original empirical contributions and analyses on all aspects of race, ethnicity and religion research from cognate disciplines: political science, social policy, health, education, labor economics, etc. 

Discover Race and Ethnicity

The specialty is led by Sin Yi Cheung, Professor of Sociology at  the School of Social Sciences at Cardiff University. Her research focuses on different forms of inequalities in contemporary societies and she has written extensively on migration, refugee integration, race and ethnicity, education and labor market inequalities.

Race and Ethnicity will provide an Open Access platform for research. Given that race and ethnicity research often has significant policy implications and can have real impact on people’s lives, “free access to the latest research in a timely fashion is one of the most exciting things that is happening in our field to date,” says Prof Sin Yi Cheung.

“Open Access not only allows our scholarly work to reach the widest possible academic audience and enables timely dissemination of original research, it also gives barrier-free access to researchers in developing countries and less wealthy institutions. Importantly, it may inform policy decisions, benefit non-profit organisations and literally anyone who has access to the internet.”

The inaugural article collection: Racial and Ethnic Inequality in an age of Populist Nationalism (link) is now open for submission.

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