Frontiers Welcomes Society Journals and Publishing Partnerships

Frontiers’ publishing partnerships manager, Robyn Mugridge, discusses 2020 and welcoming society journals to our publishing family.

— By Robyn Mugridge, Publishing Partnerships Manager

The academic publishing industry is going through a period of rapid transition. It seems like every week we hear about a new announcement around Plan S, a response to transformative agreements, or a new deal. Traditional journals in particular face a body of new challenges as 2020 unfolds. Yet, some of the solutions presented seem almost as confusing as the challenges themselves. 

At Frontiers, our objective is to remain uncomplicated and to focus on good science. As a born open access publisher, we pride ourselves in offering a single option across all our journals; gold open access. As with any kind of change, some are not altogether convinced by the OA model. Yet, funders across all fields are recognizing the merits of OA in global context; free access to knowledge for everyone. We’re seeing evidence of growing support for a policy similar to Plan S emerging in the US, for example.

In the wake of these challenges, Frontiers has received many requests for support, advice and guidance from societies and independent publishers from across the globe about how to respond. Collaboration and partnerships with new organizations at Frontiers is not a new endeavour. Rather, it’s something we embrace. Over the past 11 years, Frontiers has collaborated with over 139 institutions as part of our global memberships programme. We have also partnered with over 20 scholarly societies to provide open access publishing options through our Frontiers journals.

Growing Society Partnerships

We can now look forward to welcoming society journals to our publishing family. More than just a service, we offer a publishing partnership which is both fair and flexible. If your society is looking to transition to a new publisher, launch a new open access journal for members, or simply find out more about your OA options, Frontiers can help.

Frontiers is proud to announce its public endorsement of the NISO Transfer Code of Practice. The Transfer Code of Practice promotes a set of standards that apply whenever a journal is transferred from one publisher or publishing platform to another. As a Transfer-Compliant Publisher, we embrace these standards as a baseline level of quality and performance, and we agree to abide by the principles and practice of the Transfer Code of Practice.

For Frontiers, 2020 will be the year of further collaboration, partnership and innovation. We look forward to working with new partners and exploring new opportunities this year.

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