New Specialty Section on Language, Culture, and Diversity in Education

A new Specialty Section led by Professor Cristina Alfaro (San Diego State University) has now launched in Frontiers in Education.

A new Specialty Section, Language, Culture and Diversity, led by Professor Cristina Alfaro (San Diego State University), has now launched in Frontiers in Education.

“The educational inequities faced by diverse students from low income and multilingual immigrant backgrounds are well documented,” explains Prof Alfaro. “Ameliorating these inequities is a complex matter, but if education reform does not start to value the cultural and linguistic resources of these diverse students, it is likely to fail.”

Discover Language, Culture and Diversity

The new Language, Culture, and Diversity section aims to address this issue by furthering scholarship and inquiry into the benefits of diversity in education.

“It is my hope that this section will help educators at all levels rethink and reimagine improved ways of developing and implementing a curriculum that honors and values the assets diversity brings,” says Prof. Alfaro.

The section brings together disciplines such as social sciences, education, sociology and anthropology, fostering international conversations about access, equity, and success for all.  

“The time is now for researchers to have a publication space that encourages and values scholarly works that address the critical dimensions of language, culture, and diversity in a global society,” says Prof. Alfaro.

Language, Culture, and Diversity is an Open Access platform available to teachers, policy makers and the general public. The goal of the section is to better understand the role of language, culture, and diversity at all levels of education and to help inform and drive new policies.

The inaugural Special Issue New Trends and Directions in Dual Language Education is now open for submissions.

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