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Microbiotechnology: a refocused scope for a highly-respected section

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Microorganisms are the most versatile organisms on Earth, an essential player in sustaining our natural biosphere, but also a source of tremendous activity that can be harnessed for society at large.

The scope of one of Frontiers in Microbiology‘s biggest sections – Microbiotechnology, Ecotoxicology and Bioremediation, has been refocused into Microbiotechnology with the aim to:

The new scope has been shaped in close consultations with Specialty Chief Editors Prof. Bill Hickey (University of Wisconsin) and Dr. Eric Altermann (AgResearch, New Zealand).

“A key factor driving the scope refocusing was a need to better define the desired research streams (including fundamental, applied, and environmental) and quality, with an emphasis on hypothesis-driven investigations,” explains Chief Editor Hickey.

The re—focus of this highly respected section within the journal aims to welcome a broader audience of applied microbiologists both with industrial or environmental expertise, while reinforcing the focus on high-quality, hypothesis-driven research examining underlying mechanisms and addressing well-articulated questions.

“The new section title we chose reflects the scientific interests of our authors and readership and is distinct from existing journals in the areas of environmental microbiology and microbial biotechnology” adds Chief Editor Altermann.

Frontiers in Microbiology looks forward to this new chapter for its Microbiotechnology and continues to deliver key research in this vital field.

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