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Frontiers in Pediatrics becomes official partner for the European Academy of Pediatrics

Frontiers in Pediatrics is proud to become the official partner of the European Academy of Pediatrics (EAP).

The partnership reinforces the two organizations’ mutual desire to promote research in pediatrics and to facilitate its free and unrestricted dissemination to the widest possible audience, including researchers, academics, clinicians and the public worldwide.

“Collaboration makes the dream work and I am confident that together we will improve children’s health, both within and outside of Europe,” said President of EAP and Assistant Professor of Pediatrics at European University Cyprus, Adamos Hadjipanayis.

EAP represents the professional interests of pediatricians in the European Union. Its mission is to improve pediatric training, service and research by harmonizing and setting standards throughout Europe. In 2009, EAP also developed a network for pediatric practitioners and research consultants, ‘EAPRASnet’, to further enhance the quality of primary care pediatrics through collaborative practice-based research.

“I am very excited that EAP has chosen Frontiers in Pediatrics to become their official journal,” said Arjan Te Pas, a neonatologist at Leiden University Medical Centre and Chief Editor for the journal. “They fit well together, a journal with open access and a society with an open membership, and I am looking forward to achieving our goals together.”

Since its launch, Frontiers in Pediatrics has published almost 2,000 research papers and reviews, covering fundamental research as well as the ongoing challenges in pediatric patient care.

As an Open-Access journal, the hope is that even more healthcare professionals, as well as parents and caregivers, will access vital pediatrics research and ultimately accelerate new diagnoses and treatments to protect children’s health.

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The European Academy of Pediatrics exists to promote the health of children and young people in Europe. It aims to improve standards in training, service and research and to represent the professional interests of pediatricians in the EU. It incorporates the section of pediatrics of the European Union of Medical Specialists and therefore has influence in the political arena to advocate for children and young people as well as for the profession.

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