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Frontiers eBook releases: September 2020

Download this month’s new releases including the latest Special Issues on barriers to workplace equality, the latest discoveries on Alzheimer’s disease, factors that determine anger and violent behavior and many more! All eBooks are free to download, share and distribute.

Shape the future of your field — and publish your own eBook — by editing a Special Issue around your research area. Learn more about Research Topics or submit your suggestion.

Connecting Sarcomere Protein Mutations to Pathogenesis in Myopathies
Edited by Jose Renato Pinto; P Bryant Chase
Autoinflammatory Diseases: From Genes To Bedside
Edited by Alessandra Soriano; José Hernández-Rodríguez
Individualized Assessment of Brain Aging across the Lifespan: Applications in Health and Disease
Edited by Katja Franke; Christian Gaser; Nicolas Cherbuin; James H Cole
NKT Cells in Cancer Immunotherapy
Edited by Tonya J Webb; Paolo Dellabona; Weiming Yuan; Everett Meyer
An Infectious Origin of Alzheimer’s Disease: An End for This Devastating Disorder?
Edited by Judith Miklossy; Rudolph Tanzi; Kilmer McCully; George Perry; Carl Cotman; StJohn Crean; Matthew Richard Chapman; Tamas Fulop; Patrick McGeer; Robert David Moir; Herbert B Allen
Anger and Interpersonal Aggression
Edited by Nelly Alia-Klein; Annegret L Falkner; Gabriela Gan; Klaus A Miczek; Aki Takahashi; Rosa Maria Martins De Almeida
Next-Generation Sequencing of Human Antibody Repertoires for Exploring B-cell Landscape, Antibody Discovery and Vaccine Development
Edited by Jacob Glanville; Prabakaran Ponraj; Gregory C Ippolito
Metabolic and Vascular Imaging Biomarkers for Brain Aging and Alzheimer’s Disease
Edited by Ai-Ling Lin; Albert Gjedde; Fahmeed Hyder
Understanding Barriers to Workplace Equality: A Focus on the Target’s Perspective
Edited by Michelle K Ryan; Christopher T. Begeny; Renata Bongiorno; Teri Kirby; Thekla Morgenroth
The Immunology of Sepsis – Understanding Host Susceptibility, Pathogenesis of Disease, and Avenues for Future Treatment
Edited by Luregn J Schlapbach; Johannes Trück; Thierry Roger
Small-Scale and Artisanal Fisheries: Insights and Approaches for Improved Governance and Management in a Globalized Context
Edited by Steven W. Purcell; Beatrice Irene Crona; Robert Pomeroy
Celiac Disease
Edited by Ron Shaoul; Andrew S Day
Assistance Dogs for People with Disabilities
Edited by Emily Patterson-Kane; Lynette Arnason Hart; Mariko Yamamoto
Vegetarian Dietary Patterns in the Prevention and Treatment of Disease
Edited by Hana Kahleova; David L. Katz
The Origin of Plant Chemodiversity – Conceptual and Empirical Insights
Edited by Kazuki Saito

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