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Sustainable Business: Frontiers sponsors University of Cambridge sustainability course enrollment

Frontiers’ goal is to enable Healthy Lives on a Healthy planet. As an open access publisher, we do this by making science and solutions free to read for everyone, at any time. 

We also want to lead by example, exploring ways we can minimise our carbon footprint and reduce our environmental impact. As a company, we have started exploring this idea, implementing a recycling network and expanding bicycle racks in our offices. But we know we can do more. 

To get the ball rolling, we are sponsoring our Sustainability Journal Manager, Molly Hawes, who is taking a course in Sustainability Business Management at the University of Cambridge.

What inspired you to take this course?

“I’ve always cared about the planet – growing up in a beautiful national park, my mum used to pick up litter on walks and my dad was constantly turning the central heating off. Perhaps it’s not surprising I chose to study Environmental Science!”

“When I joined Frontiers in early 2019, I was the first Journal Manager of Frontiers in Climate. I was completely blown away by the interest in my portfolio – my new colleagues seemed really interested in sustainability and looking after the environment. When we launched the sister journal Frontiers in Sustainability, in early 2020, it reignited conversations around company sustainability. I felt the time was right to combine my own passion for protecting the planet with the energy and enthusiasm of our fantastic teams. Frontiers has a Learning & Development team who are sponsoring this course – it’s great to be part of a company where I am encouraged to keep growing!”

What do you hope to learn?

“The University of Cambridge’s course in Sustainability Business Management covers the basic science and economics of environmental sustainability, as well as more technical aspects such as regulation and innovative design. Personally, I’d like to learn how to make data-driven strategies for becoming more sustainable and reducing our carbon footprint.”

“The United Nations Sustainable Development Goals will be at the forefront of my mind throughout the course, as I look to see where Frontiers can create effective change. Some goals, such as Good Quality Education (SDG4), relate directly to our company mission. Others, such as Climate Action (SDG13), will be reflected in both our journal content and our choices as a company. We want to figure out where we can have the most impact, and act accordingly.” 

How does this project link to the Frontiers Sustainability portfolio?

“Frontiers in Climate and Frontiers in Sustainability, both of which I manage, explore interdisciplinary and solutions-orientated approaches to protecting the planet. I am constantly inspired by our editorial boards, whose research utterly fascinates me. For example, we have launched some great Research Topics on Sustainable Organisations under the guidance of Prof Rodrigo Lozano.” 

Desiree Galicher, chief people officer at Frontiers, offered her praise for Molly’s initiative in supporting the organization’s drive toward sustainable business practice:  

“Frontiers is dedicated to providing learning opportunities to develop our people and to make a difference to the world. I’m incredibly pleased that Molly took the initiative in seeking to better understand how we can seek to implement and improve our approach to sustainability, and look forward to seeing the outcome of this training in action!”

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