International Drug Abuse Research Society and International Narcotics Research Conference launch new journal with Frontiers

The open access journal aims to bring together drug and alcohol abuse scientists and clinicians from across the globe.

The International Drug Abuse Research Society (IDARS) and the International Narcotics Research Conference (INRC) are collaborating in partnership with Frontiers on a new journal: Advances in Drug and Alcohol Research (ADAR).

With the support of these two influential organizations, the journal will launch in April 2021 on Frontiers’ Publishing Partnerships platform. The journal aims to bring together drug and alcohol abuse scientists and clinicians from across the globe to share and discuss the current state of knowledge, challenges, and the future of drug addiction that continues to be a global problem.

IDARS is a well-established international scientific organization, led by globally renowned scientists. The organization promotes and fosters pre-clinical and clinical research, and collaboration of scientists around the world, focused on molecular, cellular and systems biology. The current President of IDARS is Dr. George Koob, an internationally recognized scientist, and the Director of National Institute of Alcohol Abuse and Alcoholism (NIAAA) – part of the National Institutes of Health (NIH). Dr. Koob is also a senior investigator at the Intra-Mural Research Program, National Institute on Drug Abuse.

The International Narcotics Research Conference (INRC) is one of the most significant groups for researchers and clinicians working in the field of opioid pharmacology, physiology, biochemistry, medicinal chemistry, and clinical studies. The first official meeting of the INRC was held in July 1969 in Basel, Switzerland as a satellite of the IUPHAR meeting. Since then, the INRC has been held annually for the last 51 years and its membership has expanded significantly. The current Vice President / Treasurer of the INRC is Professor Lee-Yuan Liu-Chen. Professor Liu-Chen is a full professor at Lewis Katz School of Medicine, Temple University, Philadelphia, PA, USA, and is an expert in the kappa opioid receptor. Her laboratory cloned rat and human kappa opioid receptors and has conducted in vitro pharmacology investigations (signaling, trafficking, regulation) and, more recently, in vivo studies in mice (neuroanatomy, pharmacology and behavior studies).

Advances in Drug and Alcohol Research will be led by its eminent Chief Editor, Professor Emmanuel Onaivi. A professor of biology at William Paterson University, Professor Onaivi  is a Fulbright Scholar and has been a guest scientist at the National Institute on Drug Abuse, National Institutes of Health, in Baltimore, MD.

When discussing the launch of the journal, Professor Onaivi stated: “We are absolutely delighted to embark on the milestone of launching ADAR with Frontiers – an emerging global, transformative, open access publisher with an open science platform.”

Frontiers is thrilled to work with IDARS and INRC to launch Advances in Drug and Alcohol Research. We look forward to working with both organizations and the journal’s editorial board to ensure its continued success.

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