Frontiers announces new ‘remote-first’ work philosophy for staff

Frontiers is pleased to announce its ‘remote-first’ work philosophy. All staff can either choose to work remotely or from their nearest office, according to their preference.

Frontiers is pleased to announce its staff members will now be given the flexibility and freedom to choose the working environment and location that best suits them. The ‘remote-first’ work philosophy will now be offered to staff by default, meaning they can either choose to work remotely or from their nearest office, according to their preference.

At present, Frontiers has staff across 14 locations worldwide who stand to benefit from the new approach. Commenting, Kamila Markram, CEO and co-founder of Frontiers said: “We are pleased to be able to give our teams the flexibility and autonomy that comes with remote working while continuing to offer a traditional workspace to those who prefer one. The coronavirus pandemic has changed the way we work and the way we think about work, and it has become increasingly obvious to us that people respond well to choice when it comes to their work environment.”

An internal survey of Frontiers staff in 2021 showed that 75% of staff prefer working from home and would like to continue doing so in the future.

Frontiers’ new remote-first policy also means all staff are provided with the equipment they need to successfully work from home. From January 2022, monthly financial support will also be given to employees to support their remote working environment.

Frontiers’ chief people officer, Désirée Galicher, said, “Through our ‘remote-first’ philosophy, we aim to give our staff the independence they need to find a balance that best suits them. We know how much people value a good working space and that a one-size-fits-all approach doesn’t necessarily work for everyone. This way, and particularly as we gear up for more growth through 2022, we want to make sure all our staff – present and future – feel comfortable and supported regardless of where they choose to work from.”

All staff are of course asked to adhere to COVID-related safety measures in their region at any given time.

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