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Valentine’s Day: Research Topics on love, relationships, and intimacy

This Valentine’s Day we’re falling for Research Topics. What’s not to love about the hottest research edited by top scientists like you? With collective views of over 1.8 million, researchers explored topics spanning from digital intimacy and emotional intelligence to the evolution of monogamy and the role of trust in human interaction.

Research Topics:

Evolution of monogamy

17 articles | 364,000 views

Understanding the modern evolution of monogamy, including: social association, attachment formation, sexual and mating behaviors, and bi-parental care of offspring

Psychological dimensions of sex

11 articles | 60,000 views

Uncovering the biopsychosocial factors shaping human sexual health and behavior

Human moral

13 articles | 139,000 views

Examining the role of trust in almost all functioning human interactions, from love and friendship to economic prosperity and the emergence of large-scale organizations

Love on reality television

5 articles | 58,000 views

Exploring a sociological analysis of gender, sexuality, and intimacy in the context of the reality television program Love Island

Emotional intelligence

15 articles | 334,000 views

Evaluating the direct relation between emotional intelligence and cognitive abilities

Digital intimacy

11 articles | 32,000 views

New insights into how technology use will increase opportunities and minimize risks for sexual health

Social interactions

19 articles | 297,000 views

Discovering how emotions affect our thinking and behavior, and profoundly shape our relationships and social interactions

Sexually motivated behavior

19 articles | 144,000 views

Determining the neurobiological and neurobehavioral factors that underpin sexual behavior


11 articles | 83,000 views

Looking into the development pair-bonding, including short-term relationships, consensual non-monogamy, LGBTQIA+ populations, speed-dating, and social media use

Love and addiction

15 articles | 164,000 views

Identifying how the reward system interacts with other functional systems throughout the process of love or addiction

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