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Research Topics for healthy lives on a healthy planet

Frontiers article collections are at the center of our mission to find solutions for healthy lives on a healthy planet. With collective views of over 4.3 million, researchers explored wellbeing and sustainability topics spanning from yoga for mental health and food security through Smart Foods to protecting our oceans and negative emission technology.

Research Topics:

Climate Goals

10 articles | 285,000 views

The role of negative emission technologies in addressing climate change

Vaccine Development

163 articles | 1,300,000 views

Exploring vaccine efficacy and immunization program effectiveness for Covid-19

Mental wellbeing

7 articles | 174,000 views

Uncovering the scientific evidence for yoga preventing mental health disorders

Sustainable agriculture

39 articles | 230,000 views

Demonstrating how plant growth promoting microorganisms can protect plants from disease and stress

Women’s health

40 articles | 741,000 views

Answering important COVID-19 related questions that specifically impact upon women’s health and wellbeing, particularly in resource-poor settings

Healthy aging

16 articles | 52,000 views

Demonstrating the impact of supportive community environments on older adults

Marine health

41 articles | 257,000 views

An interdisciplinary look at creating a sustainable productive, and healthy ocean from early career marine scientists

Work-life balance

12 articles | 137,000 views

New perspectives a healthy work-life balance in the modern working world

Heart health

8 articles | 1,137,000 views

A regenerative perspective on advances and challenges in stroke therapy

Food security

15 articles | 50,000 views

Demonstrating the importance of Smart Foods, which are good for you, the planet, and farmers

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