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Restrictions lifted: Research Topics on enhancing your immune system

As the Covid-19 restrictions ease and the world opens back up this summer, we have gathered our top article collections on understanding and enhancing your immune system. With collective views of over 2.1 million, researchers explored immunity topics spanning from shaping the human immune system and gut microbiome to oral immunity and how the environment affects physiology.

Research Topics:

Gut microbiome

9 articles | 184,000 views

Recent advances in understanding the processes involved in the complex relationships between nutrition, the immune system and the intestinal microbiota and potential avenues for therapeutic and nutritional intervention

Neural control of immunity

11 articles | 33,000 views

Exploring the intersection of immunity and neuronal signaling, like how the nervous system signaling can activate and inhibit immune function

Oral immunity

12 articles | 143,000 views

A comprehensive overview of current research on the function of the oral immune system and how it is regulated during disease, ageing, and cancer

Aging and immunity

23 articles | 366,000 views

Answering how aging effects the immune system and proposing interventions to circumvent age-related diseases such as nutrition supplements, exercise, vaccination

Exercise and immunity

12 articles | 91,000 views

Demonstrating that physical activity is a very promising intervention for the regulation of both health span and lifespan

Stress and immunity

11 articles | 100,000 views

Determining how immune imbalance can be resolved when stress is prolonged and how to adapt to the environment to produce immune homeostasis

Environment and immunity

13 articles | 62,000 views

An interdisciplinary look how the environment affects physiology and immunity

Nutritional aspects of immunity

8 articles | 108,000 views

New perspectives on the impact of nutritional status on immune cell response in both health and disease

Shaping the human immune system

64 articles | 690,000 views

A comprehensive overview on the involvement of viruses and microorganisms in modulating human immune system and metabolic processes

Diet and immunology

11 articles | 319,000 views

Demonstrating that the health benefits of vegetarian dietary patterns on the prevention, treatment, and reversal of chronic disease are achievable, economical, powerful, and possible

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