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EU Council reaches conclusions on Open Science

On 10 June 2022, the Council of the European Union reached its conclusions on the implementation of Open Science and research assessment, after wide consultation.

Amongst other things, it called on the EU Commission to work on an improved regulatory framework for unimpeded access to, and reuse of, publicly funded research. It stressed the importance of transparency in services and fees. It explicitly supported rights retention for researchers. And it noted the need for more reproducible research results, in part to build public trust and evidence-informed policy making.

Responding to the news, Stephan Kuster, head of public affairs at Frontiers, said:  

“The EU Council’s conclusions on Open Science are comprehensive and welcome. The Council is clear-sighted on the economic and societal benefits of an open, transparent and shared knowledge system. Open access publishers that provide free and immediate access to results are helping to drive those benefits. Their success should inform the Council’s call for a better regulatory framework to enable unimpeded access to, and reuse of, publicly funded research.”

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