Heat wave: article collections on the global impact of rising temperatures

As the temperature rises this summer, we have gathered our top article collections on how heat effects us and the planet. With collective views of over 1 million, researchers were fired up by topics spanning from plant heat stress and weather extremes in the urban environment to marine heatwaves and human heat acclimation.

Article collections:

Wild fires

16 articles | 104,000 views

Addressing our current understanding of wildland fires, with a specific focus on engineering approaches to mitigate the harmful effects of fires

Human heat acclimation

13 articles | 95,000 views

Recent advances in our understanding of the physiological mechanisms underlying the adaptive process in vulnerable populations, and whether heat acclimation is beneficial for all populations

Marine heatwaves

23 articles | 285,000 views

A comprehensive overview of current research on marine heatwaves from across the range of marine science disciplines, covering physical processes through ecological impacts

Drought and water scarcity

19 articles | 76,000 views

Highlighting critical gaps in our understanding of water scarcity and setting urgent priorities for research and action, providing an international platform for generating an integrated perspective on this complex and socially constructed environmental hazard

Overheated animals

7 articles | 29,000 views

Demonstrating that climate change and global warming results in an immune system responses in livestock

Flammable planet

5 articles | 57,000 views

Understanding the flammability of our planet and answering key wildfire questions covering a spectrum of ecosystems, vegetation types, fire-histories and methodological approaches

Extreme heat and plants

29 articles | 247,000 views

Developing strategies of biodiversity conservation and ecosystem functionality to address the unpreceded rate at which climate changes may exceed the capacity of plants to acclimate and adapt successfully to the novel environmental pressures, further exacerbated by an increase in anthropogenic pressure

Boiling cities

10 articles | 13,000 views

Advancing our understanding of current and future weather and climate extremes in cities, how they influence different aspects of the urban environment, and the cost and effectiveness of various mitigation and adaptation strategies

Forest ecophysiological response

3 articles | 21,000 views

Bringing together a collection of exciting ecophysiological research on extreme events, to both promote visibility of this growing problem, and to facilitate improved understanding of both chronic and acute stress in forest ecosystems

Plant heat stress

15 articles | 53,000 views

Exploring cellular signaling networks in plant heat stress responses in order to identify effective strategies for enhancing plant thermotolerance

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