Back to school: article collections to get you ready for the new academic year

As the new academic year begins, we have gathered our top article collections on education. With collective views of over 2.9 million, researchers explored topics spanning from the natural world as a resource for learning and advancements in technology-based assessment to overcoming inequalities in schools and gendered paths into STEM.

Article collections:

School meals and cognition

14 articles | 199,000 views

Addressing the importance of school nutrition programs as a key component in meeting nutritional, cognitive, educational, social, economic and cultural needs of children, adolescents, their families and communities

New educational technologies

14 articles | 139,000 views

Highlighting the impact new technologies can exert on students’ adaptation and well-being in everyday school life, both in terms of facilitating the learning process and in terms of sustaining self-esteem and self-efficacy feelings

Inequalities in schools

10 articles | 157,000 views

Explaining the mechanisms and effects of inequalities in the achievement patterns, dropout rates, disengagement in the school experiences of children and youth traditionally excluded

Effective pedagogy

13 articles | 192,000 views

The impact of higher educational programs on the student-teacher relationship, student learning, achievement, and identity

Covid-19 consequences for education

18 articles | 323,000 views

A comprehensive overview of the mid- and long-term consequences of COVID-19 on mental health in students and educators, related educational difficulties, as well as the new educational strategies resulting from the pandemic

Educational environment for happy children

13 articles | 251,000 views

New knowledge on the way physical qualities of educational environments influence children’s learning, cognitive and emotional functioning as well as social behavior, highlighting the mediator or moderator role of psychological and socio-relational factors

Teacher interpersonal variables

95 articles | 240,000 views

Uncovering any potential teacher interpersonal variables that are contributing to or hindering a high level of students’ engagement, success, and motivation

Gendered paths into STEM

30 articles | 807,000 views

Focusing on aspects that contribute to gendered paths into STEM, to shedding light on individual and social factors underlying STEM participation attitudes, behaviors for STEM education, career choice, and professions in STEM

Technology-based assessment

21 articles | 174,000 views

How technology can further improve, and enhance, educational and psychological assessment

Outside education

13 articles | 449,000 views

Uncovering that the natural world may be a powerful resource for learning and development, ranging from wilderness vacations and catching frogs in a drainage ditch to doing homework with a view of trees is increasingly tied to positive outcomes

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