Trash talk: article collections on where our waste ends up

What happens to our trash when we throw it away? How much actually gets recycled? We have gathered our top article collections on waste management. With collective views of over 1.7 million, researchers explored topics spanning from the behavioral analysis of using plastic bags and how to recycle building materials to technologies that filter out litter in the ocean and mapping where restaurant trash goes.

Article collections:

Food waste

10 articles | 143,000 views

A systematic approach to measuring food loss because reducing food waste is imperative to mitigating the impacts of climate change worldwide and to achieving the Sustainable Development Goals on food security, hunger eradication and sustainable production and consumption

Urban sanitation services

14 articles | 174,000 views

Critically evaluating existing alternative approaches to urban sanitation, introducing new city-wide equitable sanitation concepts and solutions and providing policy guidance towards adequate, equitable and safely managed urban sanitation services

Waste management

5 articles | 28,000 views

Addressing the growing interest in sustainable food systems, including management practices to reduce wastage and the ecological footprint of the firms at the end of the food chain like retail, accommodation and the F&B sector

Cleaning litter

18 articles | 51,000 views

Developing and demonstrating cost-efficient cleaning technologies and approaches, targeting the prevention and in situ management of visible and invisible marine litter at their point of introduction to the marine environment and to limit the amount of litter entering the sea

Plastic pollution

11 articles | 302,000 views

Understanding the environmental, social, and economical harm of plastics in the ocean and providing scientific support for a better management of plastic wastes

Waste behavior

15 articles | 199,000 views

Understanding secondary behavioral processes to design more cost-effective and powerful interventions to change a suite of behaviors or lifestyles in order to help address urgent societal and environmental problems, such as plastic waste reduction

Organic waste treatment

14 articles | 68,000 views

Highlighting the current knowledge on state-of-the-art processes and technologies to recover and re-use nutrients from wastes, especially animal by-products, agro-food wastes, and municipal wastes

Marine litter

15 articles | 395,000 views

Exploring all potential harms caused by marine litter, both to marine organisms as well as to the whole marine/estuarine environment and communities

Waste biorefineries

14 articles | 336,000 views

Focusing on the development of emerging waste-to-energy technologies, practical implementation, and lessons learned from sustainable waste management practices under waste biorefinery concept that will accelerate the development of circular economies in the world

Industrial waste

8 articles | 31,000 views

Advancing the application of recycled materials in structural and non-structural members in civil engineering, focusing on demolition waste like concrete, bricks, asphalt, and steel

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