Thirst for knowledge: Frontiers sponsors Pint of Science Switzerland festival

Open access publisher Frontiers is proud to sponsor Pint of Science Switzerland taking place 22-24 May 2023. The event is part of the larger global Pint of Science festival, which aims to make science more accessible by sharing recent scientific developments with the public in a casual atmosphere. Among the host cities are nine from across Switzerland, including Basel, Geneva, Lausanne, and Zurich. 

Photo credit: Pint of Science Switzerland

The annual three-day festival brings scientists to local bars, pubs, and other venues in cities around the world to connect with the community. Rather than a series of formal talks, Pint of Science offers multiple stages across each city with experts from various disciplines. Each night features a unique line-up of talks, demonstrations, and live experiments. Through the interactive nature of the event, attendees can directly engage with the host and speakers as they learn more about the latest scientific discoveries. The topics covered span from astronomy and the arts to neuroscience and zoology. 

Frontiers has sponsored the Pint of Science Switzerland festival for several years. Despite 17 locations worldwide, Switzerland is home for the company with its headquarters in Lausanne. Frontiers is passionate about supporting initiatives that center around people in our local communities and Pint of Science Switzerland does just that by starting with people. Bars and pubs have long served as gathering places to exchange stories and information. Now, these same spaces are used to facilitate conversation between members of the community as they discuss research and the future of science.  

Pint of Science founders Dr Michael Motskin and Dr Praveen Paul were UK research scientists in 2012 when they decided to host an event called ‘Meet the Researchers’ and brought back the personal touch to science. In 2013, the first Pint of Science festival was held in three UK cities. Since then, it has grown significantly with events held simultaneously in over 400 cities in 30 countries. Pint of Science Switzerland was first established in 2014 and restarted in 2018. It is a not-for-profit association run by volunteer scientists and science enthusiasts. 

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