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Frontiers in Chemical Engineering 2022 Awards

We are very happy to announce the Frontiers in Chemical Engineering Awards for its second edition. 

These Awards are meant to highlight our editorial board and its members who have significantly contributed to the growth of Frontiers in Chemical Engineering by safeguarding the quality of the published articles, as well as by leading article collections to shape the future of the journal.  

We are incredibly proud of our journal community; we want to express our gratitude for each member’s support in growing a robust journal regarding Chemical Engineering and helping us in our mission to make science open. 

Many congratulations to our finalists and a big thank you to all our Editors! 

Frontiers in Chemical Engineering – 2022 Outstanding Editors Awards

Yan Li  Biochemical Engineering Florida State University associate editor 
Jingwen Zhou  Biochemical Engineering Jiangnan University review editor 
Florent Allais  Catalytic Engineering AgroParisTech Institut des Sciences et Industries du Vivant et de L’environnement 
associate editor 
Qineng Xia  
Catalytic Engineering 
Jiaxing University review editor 
Juan Gabriel Segovia Hernandez  
Separation Processes University of Guanajuato associate editor 
Emma Kendrick  
Electrochemical Engineering University of Birmingham associate editor 
Luis Fernando Arenas  Electrochemical Engineering Clausthal University of Technology review editor 
Stefania Specchia  Chemical Reaction Engineering Polytechnic University of Turin review editor 
Rosa Turco  Chemical Reaction Engineering University of Naples Federico II associate editor 
Costas Tsouris  Sustainable Process Engineering Oak Ridge National Laboratory associate editor 
Aditya Kumar  Surface and Interface Engineering  Indian Institute of Technology Dhanbad associate editor 
Priya Varshney  Surface and Interface Engineering  National Institute of Technology Rourkela review editor 
Adele Brunetti  Separation Processes National Research Council (CNR) associate editor 
Mohammad Younas Separation Processes University of Engineering & Technology Peshawar review editor 
Jonathan McDonough Microfluidic Engineering and Process Intensification Newcastle University review editor 
Kun-Yi LinEnvironmental Chemical Engineering National Chung Hsing University associate editor 

Additionally, this year we also decided to give visibility to the articles from Frontiers in Chemical Engineering that reached the highest impact in 2022. We are so proud to have given a home to these high-quality publications. 

We decided to award the highest impact, based on views, downloads and citations, for both review articles and original research. Furthermore, we offer a specific award for the article that managed to reach a more general audience, distinguishing for its ‘influence and impact’, on social media and news articles. 

Many congratulations to our finalists and thank you to all the Authors that contributed to our Journal! 

Frontiers in Chemical Engineering – 2022 Impact Awards, Original Research 

Membrane Processes for Direct Carbon Dioxide Capture From Air: Possibilities and Limitations Separation Processes C. Castel 
R. Bounaceur  
E. Favre 

Frontiers in Chemical Engineering – 2022 Impact Awards, Review 

A Review of Stochastic Programming Methods for Optimization of Process Systems Under Uncertainty Computational Methods in Chemical Engineering C. Li 
I. E. Grossman 

Frontiers in Chemical Engineering – 2022 Influence and Impact Awards 

Chloride Salt Purification by Reaction With Thionyl Chloride Vapors to Remove Oxygen, Oxygenated Compounds, and HydroxidesSustainable Process Engineering J. McFarlane 
G. D. Del Cul 
J. R. Massengale 
R. T. Mayes 
K. R. Robb 
D. Sulejmanovic 
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