Frontiers in Nanotechnology 2022 Awards

We are delighted to announce the second edition of Frontiers in Nanotechnology Awards. 

With these Awards, we want to highlight members of our editorial board, who have significantly contributed to the growth of Frontiers in Nanotechnology going above and beyond in safeguarding the quality of the published articles, as well as by suggesting and leading article collections in the journal.  

We are very proud of our journal community and grateful for each member’s support in growing a robust Nanotechnology journal and helping us in our mission to make science open. 

Many congratulations to our finalists and a big thank you to all our Editors! 

Frontiers in Nanotechnology – 2022 Outstanding Editors Awards 

Ying-Chen ChenComputational Nanotechnology Northern Arizona University associate editor 
Jiyong Woo  Computational Nanotechnology Kyungpook National University review editor 
Yogendra Kumar Mishra  
Biomedical Nanotechnology 
Mads Clausen Institute, Faculty of Engineering, University of Southern Denmark associate editor 
Suresh K. Verma  
Biomedical Nanotechnology 
School of Biotechnology, KIIT University review editor 
Soubantika Palchoudhury 
Nanotechnology for Energy Applications Department of Chemical, Materials and Bioengineering, School of Engineering, University of Dayton review editor 
Karthik Ramasamy 
Nanotechnology for Energy Applications 
UbiQD Inc. associate editor 
Andreas Rosenkranz  Nanomaterials University of Chile guest associate editor 
Cristina Satriano  Nanomaterials University of Catania associate editor 
Takeaki Yajima  Nanoelectronics Kyushu University review editor 
Manoj Saxena Nanoelectronics Department of Electronics, Deen Dayal Upadhyaya College, University of Delhi associate editor 
Min Wang  Environmental Nanotechnology Northeastern University review editor 
Shu Zhang  Environmental Nanotechnology Nanjing Forestry University associate editor 
Dimitra G. Georgiadou  Nanodevices University of Southampton associate editor 
Robert A. Nawrocki  Nanodevices Polytechnic Institute, Purdue University review editor 
Virginie Ponsinet  Nanofabrication Centre de Recherche Paul Pascal associate editor 
Georgios Veronis  Nanophotonics Louisiana State University associate editor 

This year we also decided to give additional visibility to the articles from Frontiers in Nanotechnology that had the highest impact in 2022. We are incredibly proud to have given a home to these high-quality pieces of research. 

We decided to award the highest impact, based on views, downloads and citations, for both review articles and original research. Additionally, we offer a specific award for the article that distinguished itself for its ‘influence and impact’, based on citations on social media and news articles targeting a more general audience. 

Many congratulations to our finalists and thank you to all the Authors that contributed to our Journal! 

Frontiers in Nanotechnology – 2022 Impact Awards, Original Research 

Anisotropy and Current Control of Magnetization in SrRuO3/SrTiO3 Heterostructures for Spin-Memristors Nanodevices 
A. S. Goossens 
A. T. Leiviskä 
T. Banerjee 

Frontiers in Nanotechnology – 2022 Impact Awards, Review 

3D-Printed Microfluidics and Potential Biomedical Applications Biomedical Nanotechnology 
P. Prabhakar 
R. Kumar Sen 
N. Dwivedi 
R. Khan 
P. R. Solanki 
A. Kumar Srivastava 
C. Dhand 

Frontiers in Nanotechnology – 2022 Influence and Impact Awards 

The forgotten tonsils—does the immune active organ absorb nanoplastics? Biomedical Nanotechnology 
M. T. Ekvall 
S. Naidu 
M. Lundqvist 
T. Cedervall 
M. Värendh 
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