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Climate crisis calls world’s top scientists to Montreux

~  Experts gather in Montreux to chart a course toward sustainable future ~ 

World-renowned scientists and thought leaders will gather next month at the Frontiers Forum Live in Montreux, Switzerland, to address critical issues including the climate crisis, improving global health and well-being, and preserving biodiversity. In the first in-person Frontiers Forum event since the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic in 2019, Frontiers has announced an exceptional line up of speakers, renowned researchers, and influencers. 

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The Frontiers Forum will take place at the Fairmount Palace in Montreux, Switzerland, from April 27 to April 29. It is expected to attract around 500 distinguished experts in person and around an additional 10,000 guests virtually. The sessions will offer unique insights and opportunities for collaboration among some of the world’s brightest minds, which will then be made available to members of the public via YouTube, providing an invaluable opportunity to learn and engage with cutting-edge research and ideas. 

“We are bringing the Frontiers community together once again, in person and virtually, to discuss and explore new approaches to the world’s most pressing challenges,” said Dr Kamila Markram, CEO and co-founder of Frontiers. “By connecting global communities across science, policy, and civil society, the Frontiers Forum maximizes the reach of transformational science and sparks powerful new collaborations to accelerate solutions for healthy lives on a healthy planet.” 

 Speakers at this year’s event include: 

Frontiers Forum Live 2023

The Forum’s objective is to promote science-based solutions that will allow people to lead healthy, successful lives on a thriving planet. This gathering offers a comprehensive perspective on groundbreaking advancements in health and sustainability from a variety of scientific viewpoints. The Forum will encourage partnerships that move these innovations from the laboratory into practical policies and sustainable market solutions. 

Dr Markram added, “In recent years, the world has been faced with a global pandemic of unprecedented scale. Devastating forest fires, record-breaking carbon emissions, and the warmest ocean temperatures on record are just a few of the issues we’ve seen escalate, alongside rising deforestation, pollution, and plastic production. These challenges cannot be ignored. The Frontiers Forum offers an unparalleled opportunity to bring together some of the foremost scientific minds to address these pressing problems and explore new solutions. 

“Our ultimate goal is to foster new scientific partnerships and transform existing knowledge into sustainable solutions that promote a healthy planet and a healthy future for all. By encouraging a collective approach to the challenges we face, we can unlock new insights and solutions to tackle the many complex issues confronting our world.” 

The Frontiers Forum has been an annual event held in Switzerland for leading researchers in their fields since 2015. Last year alone, coverage of Frontiers Forum sessions attracted more than five million views from people all over the world online. 

This year’s edition includes several initiatives to minimize the event’s environmental impact. For example, all meals will be heavily plant-based, with a focus on seasonal products from local providers and minimal food waste. Any organic leftovers will go to a biogas station initiative of the venue. Frontiers is offsetting event-related carbon emissions. 

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